Friday, July 30, 2010

Wallpapering the Master Bath

Today, I have been busy hanging wallpaper
in the master bath. I wasn't able to finish, it is
about half done. But here is a little sneak peek...
This pic shows the details...the paper has both the dark
and the lighter shades of green that the master bedroom
has on the walls.

I really like wallpaper. Some people think it's too much
trouble to bother with...but it always looks so nice
when it's finished. I plan to have wallpaper
in both bathrooms ( and hopefully the dining
room if I can find the one I want ~ white with
red roses)

A Peek at the Master Bedroom's a little peak at our master bedroom. I originally intended
to paint the room in all the darker olive green, but
my husband encouraged me (strongly advised !;!)
against it. So, I decided to make an accent
wall with the darker green and used a lighter
color on the other three walls. And as much
as I hate to admit it....he was right! After getting
it on the walls, it was MUCH darker than it looked
on the little card thingy...I just hate when that
happens. But, it does look, OH SO PRETTY, with
the accent wall. For a fella who says he doesn't know
much about decorating...he's not so bad! So, with
paint brush in hand...I admitted to my sweet honey
that "he was right". He replied with a very
gracious "I told you so". Silly man! ;)
Anyway...hope you like it...more to come.
Gonna tackle some wallpaper today.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Progress on Our "New to Us" House

Okay...they finally started building

the new living room...yesterday...and today they

are already putting the shingles on the roof!! Wow!

Aren't they fast??

Also, we got a contract on our house yesterday. A couple
came to look at it on Friday and we got an offer on Monday.
After a couple of offers back and forth we finally agreed
on a price. Please pray that everything goes well.
The only bad part is that we have to be out
THE DAY OF CLOSING!...which is one month from
yesterday. They are currently in an apartment and
need immediate possession, which wouldn't be
so bad if the new house were finished...but
there is still LOTS to do over there. But, since the market
is so slow...we felt like we should accept the offer
even though we aren't completely ready.
So, we are going to be BUSY, BUSY, BUSY
in the next few weeks! Yikes!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Days

***For those who occasionally leave comments, I have
now changed my blog so that I have to okay them
before they are posted publically. I am sorry to have
to do this, but, it has become necessary.***

I know, I has been FOREVER since I have posted...and I promised myself it wouldn't be like this. Actually, I have tried a couple of times to post pics of our ongoing renovation of our "new-to-us" house, for some reason the pictures just WILL NOT upload...grrrrr.....but, I refuse to get aggravated. I shall, instead, just share some of our busy days with you. Of course, you remember that we began the summer with a mission trip to Colorado~which was wonderful and I am so glad that we were able to go~ followed by VBS at our church just a week after returning home. We had a very nice turn-out this year...not a great number...but a good number and for that we are thankful. We always look forward to VBS and count it as a great privilege to have the opportunity to try and minister to some of the children in our community. Also, in the month if June, we, ladies, fix a meal for our men...just to show our appreciation for them. Emily is preparing for braces in a few weeks. A few months ago, our regular dentist found that Emily has an impacted tooth (that is lying horizontally at the bottom of her front bottom teeth). He had already mentioned braces to us...but we thought we had a couple more years yet. But, once he found that tooth, he decided we should atleast meet with an orthodontist so we could have a plan about what to do with it. We DID meet with an orthodontist...he suggested oral surgery...which we knew would be the answer. What we couldn't figure out...was how we were ever going to pay for all this...what with the renovation of the house and everything else that has been going on here lately. Anyway....we had gone to one orthodontist in a nearby town...and he told us what our costs would be...but then, I was talking with a friend of mine who works in a orthodontist office in another nearby town, and she suggested that I call her and she might could help us get in with her boss. Well, we were so glad that we did that. Not only was the overall cost of the braces $1000 less, but we were able to get the monthly payments down quite a bit as well. This may not seem like a big deal, but with all that's going on at present, this was an answer to prayer. So, that is one of things that have kept us busy this summer...running here and there to different orthodontists and then to the oral surgeon. She is set to have her surgery August 27th
then spacers and braces a couple of weeks later.

We have been doing LOTS of running here and there taking care of the renovating stuff. Whew!!!! We knew it was going to be alot of work...but we are finding out, we are NOT as young as we used to be...and the Lord willing...THIS WILL OUR LAST HOUSE TO "FIX-UP". It is coming along nicely, and hopefully, we will be ready to move into in a few weeks (maybe by mid-Sept) depending on a few things. So...for the first time since we started homeschooling...we are not going to start school until after Labor Day. I never wanted to do this because we like to finish early in May, but we are now down to the finishing work in the house...painting walls, wallpapering, put down the tiles and laminate flooring, painting doors, cleaning new windows, etc., so you can see, I don't think that we are going to be able to get it all done by mid-August.
Oh well, it will all be done soon, and we will have a lovely, much more roomy house.

And then there is, trying to get our current house ready to sell. We DO have it on the market...just not listed with a real estate yet. We were actually hoping to sell it ourselves first to avoid commission costs. But, it has been on the market for several weeks now, so we may have to list it soon. But, in preparation for the move, I spent a couple of weeks getting ready for and having a YARD SALE! which didn't turn out "money-wise" to be the best one I ever had, but I was able to get rid of some things! I am trying to keep everything spruced up in case we need to show it, but you know how that is...please help us pray that we can get this house sold quickly.

And of course, there is always the summer gardening. You know, it's funny. We've always had a few tomatoes and maybe a couple of squash, but we never really got too serious about it until a couple of years ago. Last year, I was able to "put-up" beans for the first time. ( My parents have always grown a huge garden and always kept us kids in produce) But, I have to tell you, I love being able to go into the pantry, grab a jar of beans, or tomatoes, or pickles, or relishes, that we have grown, harvested, and preserved ourselves, and just eat it whenever we want to! What a great feeling! and it tastes so much better too!:)! So, despite some adverse weather conditions, we did manage to raise some veggies and put some up for the winter months.

And another update to dad went back to Vanderbilt for a followup with his doctor there and was given a clean bill of health. Daddy has just done exceptionally well with his new bladder...and many of the problems we were expecting...he did not experience. He has now been given leave to "resume normal activity". PRAISE THE LORD!!! The Lord is truly good! I appreciate the prayers and kind words during the time of their illnesses.

~~And now one last thing...I have a very old, antique, iron bed that I plan to fix up for Emily. (A picture of the bed is at the top) We have had it for years but it has been loaned out to friends and family for a long time. is a very sturdy bed...and has LOTS of character...but it also has LOTS of coats of paint on it...after all, it is very old and has been used by several different people. I am now faced with the challenge of getting all the old paint off, and preparing to spray paint ( you think??) it. Emily's new room is going to pink and black and she wants all her furniture painted black. She already has a painted dresser ( remember the lime green and purple dresser project?) so now, we'll paint it black! So, if you have any ideas on the best way to go about sprucing up this bed...I'm listening!