Monday, June 14, 2010

Soul Survivors on Danger Island

~First night of VBS~
Soul Survivors on Danger Island

My husband welcoming the children to our VBS

Bro. Ryan leading some very fun songs

Seth Francis and Emily in a skit
where they portray a brother and a sister
who have gotten stranded on Danger Island.
Each night they will face new challenges and
gain courage and strength to be victorious over them.

We had a pretty good turn out. About an hour or so before
we were to start, we had a storm and the power went off.
It didn't come on again until about 15 before we started.
Hopefully, we will gain a few more as the week progresses.
We love VBS and count it a wonderful privilege to
be able to share the gospel with the children
of our community.


Stephanie said...

I love bible school also. Actually I was saved at Bible school at Fellowship. It will be eighteen years this Friday! :)

Tammy said...

Tammy, We did our VBS the same week with the same theme! I will be posting things soon. The next week we went to Triple S Christian ranch in Arkansas for camp.

Gail said...

Our Bible School is this coming week. The theme is western. Looking forward to what the Lord is going to do. It is an exciting time in our church! Gail