Friday, May 28, 2010


We bought a house! A "new to us" house!
I haven't said anything because I wanted to be sure
that it actually went through. ( There was one that
we made an offer on first that didn't go through)
Anyway, we are so excited! We love the house
that we live in now, and we REALLY LOVE our
neighbors, but we have just outgrown it.
It is only about a 1000 sq. ft. and it is
getting impossible to fit everything in around
here. I know we should probably just
get rid of some stuff but that is hard sometimes.
So, it is kind of funny actually, but we found
this other house in our SAME SUBDIVISION!
Just around the corner, so to speak.
It is a foreclosure, and it needs alot of
work, but it has great potential.

We love this house because it sits way back off the
road, and even though it is in a subdivision, it has
the FEEL of privacy.

This is the current living room, but we are building on
a new living room, so this will the dining room.
It has a beautiful hardwood floor.

The new room will have an opening where the
windows are now.

The "icky" kitchen. We are having new cabinets built and
taking out the door that goes out the side. We are
putting a back door in instead.
It has some type of laminate in the kitchen, but
not very nice so we are replacing it with tile.

Here there is a hook-up for the washer and dryer, but
we are going to use one of the smaller bedrooms to
make a new laundry room. So this will be my
pantry. Don't you just love it?

I love the lights in this bathroom. Kind of unique, I
think they have character!

This will Emily's playroom.

This will be her bedroom.

This is still Emily's room. She loves the rainbow, but the
rainbow is leaving.

This is the room I am making the laundry room.

Huge walk-in closet in masterbath.

Master bedroom

Master bath
We are so excited about our new house. It needs lots
of work, but we will get it done. Please help us
pray now that we can sell our current house.
I'll be posting lots of pictures as we make

Monday, May 24, 2010

2010 FBC Homeschool Academy Graduation

We had our 2010 FBC Homeschool Academy Graduation
on Sunday night. We had three homeschoolers
from our church to graduate high school this
year. We are so proud of our seniors!
Since we have the homeschool academy,
we also honor our younger students at this
time as well.

Emily playing her recital song "When I Survey"
A beautiful arrangement from a Patch the Pirate book
she uses. She did a great job!
Mrs. Becky and Miss Carrie singing "Sheltered"
This song was written by Bro Jonathan Davis of Breaking Ground.
It perfectly describes life as a "homeschooler".

Savannah receiving an award

Emily received an award

My husband gave a gift of appreciation to
Mrs. Cheryl Nelson who is the director
of our homeschool academy. She gives
much of her time and does a wonderful job.
We appreciate her so much!

Bro Daniel Jordan
~Missionary on deputation to Montana~
He has preached to our young people for
several years. He has made a tremendous impact
on their lives. It was only fitting that he should be
a part of our commencement services. To
learn more about their ministry, visit
Bro Jonathan Snow playing Pomp and Circumstance

Here they come!
The FBC Class of 2010!

Cory Nelson being award his high school diploma
as well as a new Scofield bible.

Faith had actually already graduated earlier in the week.
She was registered with another homeschool group
that her family had been with before moving
to our area. But, since she is a part of our church
and a very active young lady in our youth group
we definitely wanted to include her as part of the
service. Here she is getting her diploma a
second time ;) and being awarded a new
Scofield bible. (Every graduating senior that
is a member of our church receives a new bible)

Kelly Williams being awarded her diploma and bible.

FBC Class of 2010
Kelly Williams, Faith Sparkman, Cory Nelson
Congratulations, graduates!

We hosted reception afterward.
Here sits Bro Benjamin Cooley and Miss Carrie.

The Jordan Family

Saturday, May 15, 2010

FBC Ladies Meeting

It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted. Our
church hosted it's first-ever ladies meeting a couple
of weeks ago. I would have posted pics sooner but
by some bizarre circumstance-my camera malfunctioned-
and I didn't get any pictures. Thankfully, one of our
ladies brought her camera and I was able to get
a few. I have to say~I was very much expecting a
my expectations! What a wonderful day! The
Lord blessed so much. The theme of the meeting
was Reflections. The theme verse was Matthew 5: 16
"Let your light so shine before men, that they may
see your good works, and glorify your Father which is
in heaven". Our goal was to help each one of
our ladies to comprehend how important it is
that we live our lives as a REFLECTION of our
Savior and who He really is. We had a very nice
number in attendance. I am so thankful for
all who attended. It was an honor and a privilege
to have each one.

My opening words
Our first speaker was Sis Melissa Snow
Mrs. Snow has been a blessing to so many
of us. She did a great job.
A group of our ladies did a fantastic job
performing a skit entitled, "Cut it Out!"
written by Miss Maegan Stewart.

One of our ladies groups singing
We also had another of our ladies groups singing
but we failed to get a picture of that one!
Sorry, girls! :(

We also invited a couple of different ladies
groups from the Harriman Baptist Tabernacle
to sing for us.

Our main speaker was Sister Sandra Jones-wife of Dr. James Jones, Jr.
of the Harriman Baptist Tabernacle. Sis Jones was my pastors'
wife for almost nine years. She has taught me so much and in
my mind, is the epitome of what a pastors wife should be.
She did a wonderful speaking to us as well.

The meeting was wonderful. After so much planning, I hated
to see it end, but I am SOOOOO excited for to see what
the Lord has in mind for next year.
That's all for now.
Still got lots of things upcoming. I'll let you know more about
them as they come.
God Bless!