Saturday, April 24, 2010

Stuff Upcoming

The last few weeks have just been crazy busy.
I guess that's good, but it sure is hard to get time
to sit down and post. Beginning with Daddy's
surgery the end of March, getting ready for
all the special church services, achievement
testing in the Homeschool Academy, spring
break, and then, of course, Emily having a
birthday this wonder it seems
like we have just been in a whirlwind. I am
so ready for a little more normalcy ( not sure
I remember what that feels like) Anyway...
we do have lots of things upcoming. Our
church is hosting it's first-ever Ladies
Meeting next Saturday. I am soooooooo
excited, I cannot even tell you. The Lord
laid this on my heart some time ago, and we
have just now been able to put it all together.
We have some very special things planned
and a couple of very special guest speakers.
I hope that it will be a GREAT blessing to
all those who attend, as it has already been
to me just in the planning. A couple of weeks
later, we have our Homeschool Graduation.
We have three seniors! This will be an
exciting event for sure! My husband also
has to preach at a graduation at a christian
school in a neighboring town a few days
later. Three days after that, some of our
folks from church are going a mission trip
to Colorado. Our church supports a family
who has gone there to be church planters.
They are preparing for their first services
so we are going out to help them hand out
flyers, gospel tracts, and New Testaments
to advertise the opening of the new Aurora
Baptist Church. We are so excited to get to
go and be a part of this. ( Hopefully get to
do alittle sightseeing too--see some of those
beautiful Rocky mountains ) My husband
went out and helped them move and get
settled and he said the Rockies are awesome
to see. Then....upon returning home....the
next week is VBS. We love VBS...busy, busy,
busy days...did I say I was ready for normalcy?
Whew! Don't think we are quite there yet!!!!
Maybe during the summer months....
I am planning to do some redecorating in
my house this summer too! Not big stuff,
just maintenance-like painting and reorganzing.
BUT, I promise myself, I do not want to
spend the whole summer so busy that I don't
take the time to enjoy Emily and spending
time with her. Gotta have alittle fun too!
She is growing up so's just killing me!
Anyway, that's where we are now, I think!
Lots of goings on around here. But, it's good
to be busy...wanna be doing what we know is
right to do...the Lord is soon coming!! What
a glorious thought!


Tammy said...

Whew! Your life sounds similar to mine! LOL I think it is part of ministry life - especially for pastor's wives. Take time to breathe too! Some days ya feel like ya gotta pencil that in! LOL

Becky said...

My goodness!! just seeing this all wrote out makes me feel like I'm out of breathe!! LOL you are ALWAYS so busy no wonder you are looking forward to some normal days! ;) HAHA! you know I am always here ready to help! <3 ya, Momma

Bro. Raz said...

Enjoyed looking at your blog and especially your church website. Praise the Lord for old-fashioned churches all over America.