Thursday, April 22, 2010

Emily Turns Eleven!

I find it so hard to believe, but my Emily
has turned eleven! It seems like just yesterday that
we were told that finally, after fourteen years of marriage
we were going to be holding that precious
little one that we had begged God for. It
seems like only yesterday that we brought
home the most beautiful little baby girl that
I had ever seen. Her very life was a miracle
beyond anything that we had ever seen. After
only one year of marriage, we were told that
we would never have any biological children
of our own. So, the fact that she was given
to us thirteen years later truly was a miracle.
And this past Sunday, my baby girl turned
eleven! Where did the time go????? It seems
like she should still be toddling around, the sweet
little chatterbox that she was. She is STILL a
sweet chatterbox, only now, she is a much
taller one. :) In fact, she is only a couple
of inches shorter than me. By her next
birthday, she might even be taller than her
Mom. Oh, how I wish I could slow time down,
Anyway, she has been the most precious
gift ever given to us (outside salvation of course)
She has been such a joy!

Emily Talitha Pallotta
Age 11

The birthday festivites started with a trip
to the Cumberland County Playhouse
to see Annie.

She wanted her "Sissie" to go with us.
And...her Daddy was THRILLED to
get to skip going to another play.
This one was alittle too girly, if you know
what I mean! ;)

Emily and her "adopted" big sister, Becky!
( And just a note inserted here~ Emily
has always wanted a sister. Becky has
been as loving and kind to Emily as
any "real" sister would be. My husband
and I are truly grateful to the Lord for
sending this family--including all the
Snows-- to all our church)

Emily and I sitting in the gazebo area outside the playhouse
before the play began.

Emily and Annie

Emily and couple of orphans

In the afternoon, we went to Frozen Head State Park
for grilled hotdogs and birthday cake.
(Thank you, Bro Jonathan, for burning my
hotdogs PERFECTLY. Seriously, I really
do like my hotdogs VERY, VERY well done.)
They were delish.
Emily invited several of her friends from
church and a few from our former
church. ( where my husband was
youth director before he became pastor
of FBC) We still have some very dear friends
there and so Emily invited some of them as well.

Emily got a really cute shirt from her Sissie

Swinging and having fun

It's hard blowing out so many candles!

And now, on a slightly different note, it HAS been a long
time since I posted. (Actually, I did type a very long
post last week in Word, but when I tried to paste
into blogger, for some crazy reason, it wouldn't post)
It was very long, I had tried to bring everything
up to date since Daddy's surgery. And when it
wouldn't post, I just got discouraged and didn't retype it.
Sorry. Anyway, Daddy is doing pretty good right now.
He gets his cath out today. (My honey is on his
way to Vanderbilt today to take Mom and Dad
for his second follow up appointment) Now, I guess,
comes the hard part, teaching the new bladder
to do what the old bladder knew to do. This will
be long, difficult process, but I am sure that
he will do fine. We did learn that he needs
some further chemo. The path report came
back cancer in the lymph nodes,
no cancer in any of the other places they took out,
BUT the cancer had grown outside the bladder walls,
this in spite of having taken three months of chemo
prior to the surgery. So, the doctor very wisely
suggested that since the cancer was a very
aggressive form, that more chemo would
be a good idea. This was a little hard
to hear, since we were hoping he was done,
but we know that all things work together
for good for them that love Lord. So,
we are choosing to trust Him, believing that
He has a purpose in all things.
In conclusion, I want to say that I am so
thankful to the Lord for His strength and
grace in the last few months. It has just
been amazing to see how He has blessed.
That's all for today.
Whew! This was a pretty long post too! ;)


Peggy said...

A wonderful day for a wonderful daughter! So thankful, with you, for all the Lord's blessings! Love and appreciate your family so much!

Brittany said...

Happy Birthday to Emily!! She looks beautiful in that pretty pink dress :)

Susan said...

Happy Birthday to Emily!!! Time does go so fast - don't blink! ;)

I'm glad that your dad's cancer was not in the lymph nodes, and I pray that he will recover quickly. It's hard to have a sick parent!

Tammy said...

Happy Birthday Emily! And thanks for sharing the pics Tammy! So glad to have you back in bloggy world! Missed you and your encouragements. I'm praying for your family.