Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breaking Ground

The last Sunday of February, and the last Sunday

of Youth Month, we had Breaking Ground with us all day.

All four of the young men are preachers so we had

two preachers in the morning and two at night.

We just LOVE this group. They are young

people with a heart for God ( who believe

in living Godly and are faithful to their

local churches ) It is always an honor

to have them with us.

Bro Jay Schuler

Bro Jonathan Davis

Bro Matthew Davis and his new wife, Grace.

They are expecting their first baby in July.

( I have known this young lady since the day she

was born~ I just LOVE her, and she is such a blessing)

Bro Jay and his "woman".

Bro Matthew Davis

Bro Tommy Lanning

Bro Jay and Hayden (Bro Jonathan and Mrs Kelsey's baby)

with Emily

Emily and Mrs. Kelsey

(Emily really LOVES this young lady)


Tammy said...

I like just about any group that has banjos in it. I bet my son would like them. I'll have him look them up to see about cds.

Tammy said...

Tammy~ They have two cd's, both of which are wonderful. I will try to get some info together for you. They have been in our church several times, and each time they have blessed our church tremendously. They are fine preachers ( not Mrs. Kelsey ) :), great singers, and most of all, their lives reflect who they are singing and preaching about. We love them so much!