Friday, March 26, 2010

New Update on Daddy

After two days, Daddy is in a regular room and
doing pretty well. He has that drip medicine ( for pain)
that he can do himself every ten minutes so
that has been very nice for him. He has been up
walking several times a day which is what the doctor
said would help the most right now. His bowels are
"asleep" because they made the new bladder out
of a part of the bowels and the "waking" up process
takes several days. He will not be able to have anything
at all or eat or drink until his bowels are awake and
working normally. ( not even ice chips ) This has been
hard to watch him be "thirsty" but he has not complained.
He is in great spirits and working hard to recover as quickly
as possible. As yet, we haven't gotten the path report, but
at this point everything looks good. That's all we know, I wanted
to post since I know there are some folks praying! Thank you
all, I can't express how much it meansto me and family!
God Bless You All!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Update on Daddy

After almost six hours, Daddy is out of surgery and in recovery.
The doctor said the surgery went well, the lymph nodes looked
good, and he didn't see anything else suspicious looking. Of course,
we will not know for sure until we get the path report. He lost quite
alot of blood, so they may give him some pints of blood this evening.
We are so thankful he is out of surgery and doing well. I will update
more as we learn more. Please continue praying, as he has a rough
few days to get through.

Prayer for Daddy

Today is the day that Daddy is having his surgery.
They just took him back to surgery a few minutes ago.
He is to have his bladder removed and a "neobladder"
made. Please pray for him and for Mom as well. She
is feeling very emotional and sure needs some strength

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Breaking Ground

The last Sunday of February, and the last Sunday

of Youth Month, we had Breaking Ground with us all day.

All four of the young men are preachers so we had

two preachers in the morning and two at night.

We just LOVE this group. They are young

people with a heart for God ( who believe

in living Godly and are faithful to their

local churches ) It is always an honor

to have them with us.

Bro Jay Schuler

Bro Jonathan Davis

Bro Matthew Davis and his new wife, Grace.

They are expecting their first baby in July.

( I have known this young lady since the day she

was born~ I just LOVE her, and she is such a blessing)

Bro Jay and his "woman".

Bro Matthew Davis

Bro Tommy Lanning

Bro Jay and Hayden (Bro Jonathan and Mrs Kelsey's baby)

with Emily

Emily and Mrs. Kelsey

(Emily really LOVES this young lady)

Baby Shower

Our ladies hosted a baby shower for Misty Francis.

We had a good turn-out and it was alot of fun.

I gave a short devotion at the beginning of the shower.

Misty Francis and baby Micah :)

We were thrilled to have Misty's mother with us.

Here we played a game where the girls were blind-folded

and then given samples of different baby food flavors.

The girl who guessed the most right won the game.

There was a lot of gagging and getting grossed out,

but the girls were great sports.

Here they are smiling, AFTER it was over!!

Here we played a game where we melted different

kinds of chocolate bars and then put them into

diapers. Each lady had to try and guess what

kind of candy it was. ( This game is not for

weak stomach's~ when the candy was in the

diaper, it was disgustingly REAL-LOOKING)

But, it was sooooo should have seen

them holding them out with the fingers all stiff as

if it were really a stinky diaper!!! HILARIOUS!!!!


All in all, it was loads of fun and Misty got many nice gifts.

Bible Club

As a part of Youth Month, we had our first
Bible Club meeting. We are hoping to get
this going in a big way as an outreach to
the children in the community. We haven't got
all the kinks worked out but we're working on it.
We want to make it a club where they can earn
badges for christian character. So far, we had just
had our own church kids but we hope that it
will grow quickly as we get it going.
We plan to have the meetings every other
Thursday night. We are so excited about
this new effort.