Thursday, February 11, 2010

Valentine's Day Treat!

My husband has been VERY sick this week,
with what the doctors said was a stomach virus.
We have had stomach viruses before, BUT NEVER
He still continues to be weak and hasn't yet
regained his strength. I took him to see our
PCP this morning. He told us that it could
actually have been EITHER a stomach
virus OR food poisoning. ( I had taken him
to the ER Sunday morning because he had become
extremely dehyrated!~ and it was the ER
doctor who told us it was a virus first)
Either way, it has been awful, and I am
so anxious for him to be feeling like himself again.
Yet, even as sick as he has been, he ordered
this for me for Valentine's Day! He was
afraid he might not be able to get out to
shop so he ordered it online~while sick
in bed~on his laptop! Oh, the wonders
of our age! No need to ever leave the house!!
He wanted to get me something special, so
he ordered these. Freshly dipped
~the day they are shipped~
strawberries! They are as yummy as
they are pretty! I just couldn't help
sharing! Aren't they just lovely?

Isn't this a cute picture of Emily?
She was playing in the living room the
other day with her "twins".
Their names are Amy and Adam.
She is a very sweet little girl and so
imaginative. I am sure it won't be
long till she is no longer playing with dolls
so I definitely thought that was


Peggy said...

And Em will be a great REAL mommy, too!

Susan said...

I'm sorry your hubby has been so sick! I would think food poisoning, with it lasting so long. Hope he's better soon!

My daughter is 17 now, so she hasn't played with her dolls in a long time . . . but she has kept them! ;) She has several that are similar to your daughter's, that were really good dolls, and she has them put away in her closet. So even when your girl is too big to play with them, I bet she'll still keep them! :)

Brittany said...

So sorry about the sickness, glad it's getting better! Those strawberries are beautiful - had me drooling! That's one of my favorite treats!
I love to see little girls playing with dolls - these days, it seems that girls grow up way too fast!

Tammy said...

Sorry your hubby was sick but what a guy to care even when he is sick! Those looked delicious!

Anonymous said...