Tuesday, February 23, 2010

FBC 2010 Valentine Banquet

We had our Valentine Banquet for our Youth Group
on February 13th. I know that I am late getting
pics on~but~ we were out of town last week
for several days. Therefore, I was unable to
update my blog.
I am sooooo sorry...I know everyone
was waiting and waiting for me to post. LOL!
Anyway, the banquet was for the Junior class
and up. We had a pretty good turn out.
We had a great meal, lots of fun and games,
and a TREMENDOUS devotion by
Bro. Tony Clower.

Bro. Tony Clower speaking

My two girls~ Emily and my "adopted" daughter, Becky

Sis Barbara~without whom, none of this would have
been possible

Bro Jonathan and Mrs. Becky
Emily and Mrs. Becky

Bro Ryan and Sister Robin Sparkman
They were in charge of games and prizes.
They did a GREAT job, as always.

Our family

Bro Tony and Sister Kim Clower

Skylar, Faith, Alyssa, and Courtney

Alyssa and Courtney

Faith and her boyfriend, Trent


We had several tables decorated
(a special thanks inserted here to
Sis Teresa Francis for decorating
the fellowship hall so beautifully)
but almost all of them ended up
at one day...LOL!

Emily and her friend Taylor
(Taylor is the daughter of
Bro and Sis Clower)
They enjoy getting to spend
time with one another. They have
alot in common and their personalities
are very similar.

Me and my honey ( can you tell how much he LOVES
having his picture taken????)

Bro Tony and Mrs Kim


Lindsay and her friend


Susan said...

It looks like you had a great turnout for the banquet and that everyone had a good time. And your daughter is growing up very fast! ;)

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tammy -
The new fellowship hall looks beautiful!!! Wow! Hope things are going well this week at the youth meeting. Maybe we'll see ya'll soon.
Love & Prayers,
Heather Jordan

Joy said...

Your husband really needs to smile in his pictures. :) It looks like a great night! And... I want the stove out of the fellowship hall! It's so pretty. I love black and stainless!

Anonymous said...
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