Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playing in the Snow

We finally got alittle snow. The weathermen were
calling for more, I think. We didn't get what they
were calling for (as usual) LOL!
But, seeing as how we don't get alot of snow
around here, WE'LL TAKE IT!!!
We were waiting until this morning to get
out and play in it because it didn't get
very deep last night. ( But, we probably
should have gone out last night because this
morning it was kind of crunchy)
No matter, we still had lots of fun, got very
wet and cold, and then came inside for some
yummy hot cocoa.
I haven't done alot of posting lately. It seems
like we have been so busy. Emily's schoolwork
has been much tougher lately. Since she is
homeschooled, she is about a half a year ahead
in her curriculum, and so she is finishing
up fifth grade and beginning sixth.
This makes for a lot of busy work.
We are trying some new things this
coming semester. I guess you could
say I am branching out~ or coming
out of my comfort zone. We have
always used strictly A.C.E.
(School of Tomorrow) Mainly,
because that is what we had in the
school and Emily and I were both
used to it, so when we began to
homeschool, we just stayed with it.
This semester, though, I plan to
use Abeka History and Geography.
We have been using Abeka Spelling
for the last two years. We'll see
how it goes. It may be more
challenging, but since Emily
is an excellent reader, I expect that
she will do fine. One thing that I am
certain of, she has always done very
well on her standardized testing, so
she should be able to make the change
fine. ( And using a slightly different
manner of studying is bound to be
helpful, overall)
Anyway, that is the plan for sixth grade.
I am not sure which direction we will go
next year, we are taking it one year at a time.
For news on Daddy, he is scheduled to have
one more chemo treatment, and then he
will have his surgery in March. They
will have to completely remove the bladder.
That is basically all we know for now. The Lord has
been good to him, and has kept his white blood
count good for the most part, allowing him to
be able to get out (He especially
wanted to able to attend his church, and
he has been able to do that some)
Please, keep praying for both of my
parents, if you will.
We have Youth Month coming up
at church. There are lots of activities
planned. Hopefully, I will be posting
more, then. ( know how I
am) Anyway, in the meanwhile,
here are a few pics of our snowy fun!

Emily~ Happy to finally have some snow!

She always sits down in it or lays down in it as
soon as she goes out...silly girl!

Mom and Em ( no make up...eew)
But too early in the morning! :)

A good sledding snow, FINALLY!

Even I gave it a try! (Actually, with my
weight, I got going VERY FAST!!! I had
to push off the sled before I fell down our
bank! ) Soooo fun, even for us old fogies!

Bret and Emily
What a perfect picture!
Daddy and his girl!
Aren't they like "two peas in a pod"?


Anonymous said...
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Tammy said...

I'm sure Emily will do fine with the transition. I love ABEKA history. I loved using ABEKA for my kids when they were younger but when it got to the high school stuff I didn't care for it as much. The teacher's manuals were not as explanatory in the upper grades (would tell the answers but not show you how to arrive at the answer making it hard to teach when you don't know it yourself!) but I love their version of history stuff. Math and science from them was difficult for me tho so I used different texts for that.

Becky said...

I love these pics! looks like ya'll really had a blast :)

Joy said...

When I home school, I plan on using some different curriculums too. :)I think ACE is really best for big families who don't have time, but I want to vary things a little... it can get so boring. ;) The snow pics look like fun! :)

Charity said...

Yay for snow!! I keep hoping we'll get some in our part of Texas! I like to at least get one snow a year! :)

I'm sure you will like Abeka history. I did quite a mix of curriculum when I homeschooled. (The school I came from used a mix, and my mom kept with the same basic stuff when I started homeschooling in 6th grade.) Personally, I'm not a big fan of ACE. I worked with it some, and like someone else said, it can be boring. It sounds like Emily is up to more challenges! :)

Anyway... You didn't want my homeschool philosophy... :) I wanted to let you know that you won the book on my blog! :) Happy February!