Saturday, January 30, 2010

Playing in the Snow

We finally got alittle snow. The weathermen were
calling for more, I think. We didn't get what they
were calling for (as usual) LOL!
But, seeing as how we don't get alot of snow
around here, WE'LL TAKE IT!!!
We were waiting until this morning to get
out and play in it because it didn't get
very deep last night. ( But, we probably
should have gone out last night because this
morning it was kind of crunchy)
No matter, we still had lots of fun, got very
wet and cold, and then came inside for some
yummy hot cocoa.
I haven't done alot of posting lately. It seems
like we have been so busy. Emily's schoolwork
has been much tougher lately. Since she is
homeschooled, she is about a half a year ahead
in her curriculum, and so she is finishing
up fifth grade and beginning sixth.
This makes for a lot of busy work.
We are trying some new things this
coming semester. I guess you could
say I am branching out~ or coming
out of my comfort zone. We have
always used strictly A.C.E.
(School of Tomorrow) Mainly,
because that is what we had in the
school and Emily and I were both
used to it, so when we began to
homeschool, we just stayed with it.
This semester, though, I plan to
use Abeka History and Geography.
We have been using Abeka Spelling
for the last two years. We'll see
how it goes. It may be more
challenging, but since Emily
is an excellent reader, I expect that
she will do fine. One thing that I am
certain of, she has always done very
well on her standardized testing, so
she should be able to make the change
fine. ( And using a slightly different
manner of studying is bound to be
helpful, overall)
Anyway, that is the plan for sixth grade.
I am not sure which direction we will go
next year, we are taking it one year at a time.
For news on Daddy, he is scheduled to have
one more chemo treatment, and then he
will have his surgery in March. They
will have to completely remove the bladder.
That is basically all we know for now. The Lord has
been good to him, and has kept his white blood
count good for the most part, allowing him to
be able to get out (He especially
wanted to able to attend his church, and
he has been able to do that some)
Please, keep praying for both of my
parents, if you will.
We have Youth Month coming up
at church. There are lots of activities
planned. Hopefully, I will be posting
more, then. ( know how I
am) Anyway, in the meanwhile,
here are a few pics of our snowy fun!

Emily~ Happy to finally have some snow!

She always sits down in it or lays down in it as
soon as she goes out...silly girl!

Mom and Em ( no make up...eew)
But too early in the morning! :)

A good sledding snow, FINALLY!

Even I gave it a try! (Actually, with my
weight, I got going VERY FAST!!! I had
to push off the sled before I fell down our
bank! ) Soooo fun, even for us old fogies!

Bret and Emily
What a perfect picture!
Daddy and his girl!
Aren't they like "two peas in a pod"?

Thursday, January 7, 2010

FBC 2009 Christmas Program

Well, I realize that I am alittle late in getting these on
but, better late than never. :)
Here are a few pics from our Christmas program entitled
Bethlehem Inn.

A few opening words from the pastor
and my honey

Our ladies group sang a couple of different
selections during the play

Aren't these animals so cute?
(A special thank you must be said
here to Mrs. Darlene Edwards who
made the costumes)

Cory Nelson playing his recital piece
O Come, O Come Emmanuel
He played it beautifully!

Bro Wesley and Mrs. Diane Howard sang
O Beautiful Star of Bethlehem

Here are some shepherds

The younger children sang a cute song
and had a few lines to say

Again, the ladies group
We sang O Come, O Come Emmanuel
and Tell Me the Story of Jesus

The Young Ladies group.
We were very blessed to have
Daniel and Brooklyn Sparkman
home for Chrismas break
from Pensacola Christian College.
Bro. Daniel played the piano
before the play and again at
intermission. We love having
them home. Brooklyn also
plays piano and sings so we
really put them to work when
they are home. :)

To keep things as simple as possible, we
served finger foods and dessert for our
"dinner theater".

A picture of the crowd. There was no possible
way to get a picture of the whole group.
We did have a record number in attendance
for our first event in our new
fellowship hall, approximately 125.
We were so excited and blessed
by the great turnout.

Eli, the owner of the Bethlehem Inn. Here he
is talking about the crowds in Bethlehem
and how it makes things very difficult.
(And I simply MUST insert here how
very proud we all are of Cory.You would
not believe how many lines this young
man had to memorize, and he did a GREAT
job. ~And as a side note, Cory is a very
shy and quiet young man-It is amazing how
the Lord blesses him to be able to perform
in the Christmas programs)

The servants of the owners of the Inn.
Emily is the one in the pink head scarf)

Mary and Joseph in the stable

This picture was taken before the play
during rehearsal~that is why the
younger ones are not in costume
We had a great Christmas program. Bro. Jonathan
and Mrs. Becky Snow were the directors and they
did a fantastic job. We are thankful and appreciative
of all their hard work.
We are also grateful for all those who have helped
in getting the new fellowship hall ready.
(sh...there were a few little things that weren't
quite finished...but I won't tell if you won't)
Anyway, we look forward to many, many
years of wonderful fellowship. May we always
use for His Glory and Honor.