Friday, December 31, 2010

Wow! New Year's Eve Already???

I cannot believe the year is over already. I
remember when I used to hear "old folks" say
that time goes faster as you get older and I could
never quite understand what they meant. These,
days, I know EXACTLY what they meant! lol

So, where to begin? First, with an apology for
not having posted any new pics of our house.
It's not that we haven't been working on
and (get this) FINISHING UP, it's just
that we have been so busy, I just haven't taken
the time to take any new ones. Soon, I promise!

I wasn't much in the mood for decorating for
the holidays with so much going on--but you
know how it is with kids, they REALLY love
all that. So, we kept our tradition of putting
up the tree the day after Thanksgiving. This
was also the day we found out Daddy had
now gotten cancer in his spine. So, for me, it
wasn't the happiest day to be decorating and
such, but admittedly, it take my mind off it
for awhile. During December our church has
lots of things going on--just like every other
church, I am sure, so I am not going to "whine"
about that. Just suffice it to say, that with the
busyness of the month, it was hard to accomplish
all that needed to be.

We had hoped to host the christmas festivities
for "my side" of the family at our house this
year~you know, so everyone could see our new
house, but it didn't work out. Daddy had just
finished his radiation and was making small
improvements when he developed a blood clot
in his lung and was hospitalized for five days while
they tried to get it under control. He had just
gotten to come home two days before our christmas
plans would take place. So, we just decided to keep
it at our parents house this year. However, we were
able to have my husband's mother and brother for
dinner on Christmas Eve. It was the first time in a
long time that they have been to our house. (they live
almost two hours away) Anyway, it was a very nice
visit. Then, on Christmas Day, we just kind of lounged
around the house, taking it easy, and enjoying our
"white" christmas, the first one in many years for
our area.

As for an update on Daddy, we still do not have
any REAL answers as far as his condition. Radiation
is complete, there may be some chemo in his future,
we are really not sure. Trying not to be critical of his
doctors~ they HAVE been very good about helping try
to get his pain manageable~ but quite honestly, dealing
with them has been frustrating, at best. Each time
we see them, they tells us something different. My
mom is going to take him to see his regular doctor
next week and we hope that maybe he can get him
in to see some kind of specialist. For now, he is very,
VERY sick. He has lost a lot of weight, and he STILL
has a very painful, hacking, cough that no one has
been able to explain. I do still ask that you continue
to pray for my parents. For Daddy AND for Mom.
She is trying her best to care for him but she is
exhausted too! It pains me to see both them facing
such trials.

And, finally, for the upcoming year? I am soooooo
looking forward to some normalcy in our lives. I
am not even sure I remember what it feels like. :)
Looking forward to things like...doing "regular"
house work, cooking, homeschooling (with less distractions)
and trying to get our new home looking like a
"real" home. Looking forward to being able to
have a schedule that we can really go by, and being
able have normal chores for Emily to get used to
again. Looking forward ( and I canNOT believe I am
saying this) but looking forward to getting on a diet
of some sort ( this building project-- not having a
working kitchen was a challenge--has been VERY
BAD for our waist lines) So, I am looking forward to
getting this family eating healthy, well-balanced meals,
and to all of us getting some exercise. I am looking
forward to spending more time on my blog and actually
posting several times each week, instead of the way
it's been of late. And lastly, BUT PERHAPS I SHOULD
HAVE MADE THIS ONE FIRST, I am looking forward to
having more time to spend in the Word of God, in prayer
and fellowship with my Lord, and just "refreshing" myself
in the things of God.

2010 was a good year! No, a GREAT year for our family.
The surgery on Daddys bladder went beautifully and he
and Mom had several good months before this last bout of
sickness~ and for that, I am thankful! My family was able
to get a "new-to-us" house that I am very much planning
to enjoy FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE!!!!!! :)
The Lord has been so good to me, and to all of my family.
There are some who still need the Lord to work in their
hearts! Still praying for them...

I hope you can make sense of my "scattered" thoughts
this morning. I am still here. And hopefully, very soon,
I will have some pics of our "finished" house!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Update on Daddy

My dad has been doing great since they removed his cancerous
bladder and made him a new one. He has done remarkably well
with the transition. A few weeks ago, he began having some back
pain. First his doctors treated him for shingles, then they said he
might be experiencing a different kind of arthritus than what he
already has, then in the last couple weeks, they said it was a pulled
muscle. During all of this, he got a cold, which left him with a very
bad cough. He hasn't been able to cough much, though, due to the
severe pain in his back. On Thanksgiving night, after all of us kids
had gone home, he had a bad coughing spell, and felt something in
his back "pop". Mom called 911 and they took to the hospital in
the ambulance. It was there that we learned that Daddy now
has cancer in his spine. Yesterday ( which was Monday) we took
back to his cancer doctor. He had his first radiation treatment
and they admitted to the hospital in hopes of getting his pain
under control. They said that the cancer had completely eaten
through three of the vertebrae and that he would have been
paralyzed within a month if we hadn't gotten the radiation
started. It has a 7 out 10 chance of successfully preventing
the paralysis. I am not really sure of anything else at this point.
His future, of course, is in the Lord's hands ~ AS ARE ALL OF OUR
FUTURES ~ It has been hard to see him in such pain, hopefully
this will improve in the next few days. Please pray for him
and for mom as well. Neither of them are resting much at all.

Work continues on the house. We are close to finishing.
Hopefully, I'll have some new pics up soon.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

New Living Room

Finally, new pics of our living room are up.
I don't know why, but for some crazy, nutty reason
this week, I haven't been able to upload any pics.
I had some other pictures I wanted to upload but
I thought if I just did a few it might do better.
We had Bro and Sis Dale Snow and Bro and Sis
Jonathan Snow here helping. Ms Peggy and Becky
did some painting on my new pantry doors while
the men were working on putting up the wainscote (sp?)
Anyway, here is our new living room. All finished except
that it needs the threshold that goes around the tile
in front of the door and the door needs painted on
the inside. It's been a long time getting here but
we are soooooo close to wrapping it up. Just a few
more days work.

Not sure how much we will get done this week. We're having
revival. Bro Andy Wells will be with us Monday through Friday.
And he gets to bring Mrs. Beverly this time. I haven't seen
her in ages. Looking forward to a good time in the Lord.
So, it may be a little while longer before we finish up.
Keep checking in, though. We're almost done!
And....if you live in our area, please come out
and join us for a great revival.
We'd LOVE to have you!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Working on the Paneling

We have been busy the last couple of days
working on the paneling. First, they needed to be
stained. (one coat of golden oak) Next, we put
on a coat of polyurethane. After several hours drying
time, we sanded them and put on another coat of polyurethane.
Now, we are just waiting on them to dry
completely and thoroughly to put them up.
This may not seem like that big of a job but
this actually took TWO WHOLE days!
But, they turned out pretty!

We rigged up a way to layer them so we could dry them
while still working on the others. Worked pretty well.

Here we are hard at work.
We are getting so close to the end now. Just a few
more days!!! PTL!!!!!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Work on the Living Room

We began working on the living room this week.
I gotta tell felt like we
would never get this far. Anyway, we got
the walls painted tan and the laminate
floor down. We are putting pine paneling
on the bottom on three walls and an outdoorsy
mural on the white wall on the end.
You'll just have to wait a few more days to see it. :)
Hopefully, LORD WILLING, we should
be done with the BIG stuff by the end of next
week. Then, just a few little things along.

What do you think so far???
Pretty, huh?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Believe it or not, this post has NOTHING to do with the house.
But, I did want to share a bit of good news! My dad went back
to Vanderbilt today to have his first scan since his surgery and
he is doing GREAT. Bladder, kidneys, and lungs all look great!
To God be the Glory! No sign of new cancer anywhere! :)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Working in the Kitchen

Here goes...laying the tile in the kitchen. Of course, we
are still doing the finishing work in the hall bathroom.
I will have the pics in a couple of days. But, the cabinet
man is coming SATURDAY!!!!!! to measure and I am
so excited! So, getting the kitchen tile down has become
top priority.You can't tell by the pic but we were able
to get the room almost half done last night. We will
finish it tonight. We will probably grout it on Saturday or Monday
and it will ready to seal in just 72 hours. When we finish
the kitchen we will be finished with all the tile
(except for a small section in the living room at the
entry~ about 4 feet by 4 feet) We will have
laminate in there and didn't want a lot of
moisture on it, so we will put the tiles there
when you first walk in.
Anyway, here I am, getting started. My
honey like for me to do the thinset while
he carries in the tiles and all the cutting.
We make a good team!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Woodstove

I am just sooooooo excited! We got our woodstove in
tonight. Bro. Harold came over and helped us
get it in. We went ahead and built a fire
to try it out...although it wasn't VERY cold
this evening. In fact, after a little while we
let it die down because we were getting
quite warm! :) This winter is going to
be a cozy one, I can hardly wait!
We are so grateful to Bro Harold for
coming over and helping install it.

Isn't it so pretty? We still need to get a pretty
wood box and some of those stick thingys for
pokin' at the fire! lol...( I'm not too woodstove
savvy) I'm excited to learn, though...just give
some time...and some COLD days!


Last night (very late last night), we
installed the new oak steps. We still
need to do some touch up on the paint
and put up the trim but I couldn't
resist taking a picture. I think the
stairs are my FAVORITE thing about
the house so far. They're just soooo pretty.
They make me smile every time I look at

A closer view of the oak

Side view~ Now we can finish the
trim in the hall...we had to wait until
we got the steps done before we put the trim
up. Hopefully, we will be getting our
wood stove installed this evening.
We also plan to put in the new vanity
today...IF we get done with the other
stuff in time.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Project Pallotta continues

Work continues steadily on the house. We finished
putting the grout in the tiles laid in the bathroom
but we haven't put up the "trim" tiles yet.
We still need to purchase a new vanity. Hopefully, we
will pick one up today. The painting and wallpapering
is done (mostly~except for a little touchup)
in there as well. BUT, I DECIDED NOT TO
COMPLETED! Just another day or two
and it will be finished. We have finished
staining and putting polyurethane on the
steps. They are ready to be installed next week.
(They had to dry for 72 hours before being
walked on) They turned out so nice. I can't
wait for you to see them. A friend
of my honey's came over yesterday
and they spent most of the day putting
down the backer board in the kitchen.
We should be able to put the tile down in
there early next week also. So, as you can see,
Project Pallotta IS actually winding down. I
am sooooooo thankful, more than I can say.
This all started at the end of May and has gone
on much longer than I thought it would. I will
be so glad when everything is done and we
can live in a NORMAL house again with
all our things nicely put away in the places
where they belong.... JUST SAYING...
Just the bottom section to finish now; the kitchen,
dining room ( which really only needs to be painted ~ IF
I can ever decide what color ), and then the
living room. Yay!

Bro Grady here putting down
the backer board. He has been
here several times to help my
husband work. We appreciate it so much.
He has been such a blessing to us!
Do you remember Emily's chest of drawers
that we painted purple and lime green?
It has now come full circle. It started
out white (when I was a baby ) (believe it or not!)
and it is now white again!
You can still see a couple of boxes around.
I bought her a nice, big, white bookcase
for her room but I haven't gotten it put
together yet.
***Notice the toy story stickers on her wall?
She originally intended these for the playroom
wall but decided to put them in her room.
Doesn't go with her decor...but she really wanted it
that way. I figured it's her room...

You might remember, too, that I had plans to paint
the old antique iron bed for Emily's room. But once
we got the room done, we realized that a full size bed
would completely dwarf this room. So, we decided on
a nice daybed instead. Doesn't it look so sweet and
"girly"? I think it turned out very cute.

Emily has loved reading the Mandie books this summer.
Now, you have to know Emily to get the significance of
this. She had been saving her money all summer
and one day we went to McKay's ( a used book
store where you can buy or trade ) Anyway,
we went by McKay's and she bought EVERY
Mandie book that she didn't have~something like
thirty books!!!! She spent ALL her money!
That is NOT like Emily to spend it all
on something other than a toy. But, she has so
much enjoyed those books. She also has the
two Mandie movies that is out. Needless to
say, she is on a big Mandie kick these days.
Yesterday, she got dressed up as Mandie~ beginning
with an old-timey looking dress with puffed sleeves,
a bonnet, and even a white kitten named Snowball
(Mandie's kitten in the book) We found the
blong wig at the Dollar General store for
a couple bucks. Emily has loved to play
dress up all of her life. I am so glad that
she still enjoys being a little girl. She is only
eleven, and I think it's wonderful to see her
playing and having fun being a "kid".
Too many parents these days want to rush
their little girls into being teenagers.
***got on my soapbox for a minute there***
That's it for today. Keep on checking...there
will more pics in a few days!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Laying Tile

We were getting ready to put down tile in the laundry room
when Bro Randal dropped by to see if he would help.
So, he got in on the tiling. He was here for about
half of the room and then I took over where he left
off. This is the first time that we've ever had tile.
Of course, Bret got a little experience working with
it when we built the fellowship hall last year. We had
a man come in and do the floors, and then Bret did
all the trim around the edges.
Here we go...

Going around the vents wasn't too bad... the holes for the
washing machine and dryer were a little more challenging...but
they did it!
Half done...we're getting there!

Tiled laid...just waiting for grout.

Grout in...what do you think about the trim? As I mentioned
earlier, we did the trim in our fellowship hall with the
tiles, and we decided we really liked it! So, instead of
wood trim in the rooms where we have tile, we will have
tile trim! It takes longer while doing the job (the grouting
mostly) but when you finish, YOU'RE FINISHED!
In the other rooms, you just begin to feel that you're done
and then you starting trimming...whew...that takes FOREVER!!!!
Cut the trim...nail the trim...patch the holes...touch up the
can't believe how long it takes to do that stuff!
Looking in at the finished floor...all that needs to be done
is sealing the grout. Gotta wait 72 hours for that.
Isnt' pretty? I just LOVE it!
On to the hall bathroom...then hopefully, the middle
section of the house will be complete.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Work on the House Continues

Bret and I have been working like crazy this week, trying to
get the middle section of the house done ( or atleast
part, the tiles for the bathroom and laundry room
will be done later)
Anyway, Emily wanted a mural in her playroom
of an ocean scene. I was told by a lady at church
that these murals are hard to install
and she was RIGHT! They are next to
impossible to work with. While you try
to smooth out the wrinkles, it tears very easily.
After we got it up, it did look nice. But, during
the time we were putting it up, I was sure
getting aggravated. Oh well, it's up and Em
has her mural.

This was before the glue dried completely

The playroom before we started the mural

The hall way after getting it's second
coat of paint and getting the laminate
down. I have been painting doors
and trim for days. They are almost
ready to go in.
That's it for now! I don't have much time
will be more to come in a few days.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Eight Questions I have been tagged by Susan at ByGrace
to answer these eight questions. I am to answer
these eight questions, propose eight new questions
and then tag eight bloggers to answer mine.
It sounded like if I can figure it out, I'll give it
a try.

1. What is your favorite main dish to eat or cook?
Well...that is kind of a hard one...since I love so many things.
But here goes, TO EAT...I really LOVE bbq ribs, but I
have never quite perfected cooking them. ( My husband
can make delicious ribs on the grill, though, so that works
for me. TO COOK... there is nothing like turkey and
dressing with all the fixin's. I inherited a baking pan
that belonged to my husband's Grammy McAllister, and it
makes the best turkey! I also love to make homemade spaghetti
sauce (Grandma Pallotta's recipe) Emily really loves
this sauce because it has "no lumps". It really is delicious!
It takes all day ( or most of the day) to cook!
You see, we having been living out the microwave for
over a month now. :/

2. What was your favorite pet, anytime in your life?
I guess the nicest answer would be to say the three
cats that we now have, and we are quite attached to
them, but my husband and I also had a house dog named
Sheena for about thirteen years that we really loved.
She had the sweetest disposition and did so well in
the house. She never had accidents or got into mischief.
She just stayed around where we were and kept us
company. She died when Emily was just a baby.

3. Do you have unreasonable fears?
Yes. I know it sounds crazy, but I am just
about terrified of semi trucks! Before my
husband became pastor of our church, he was
a youth pastor at a church for almost ten years.
Our church was over an hour away and we spent
much time on the interstate driving back and forth
to church. I cannot tell you how many times we
were almost run off the road by trucks!!! Now, I usually
bring a book with me in the car, so I don't notice
the trucks as much.

4. What do you love the most about your spouse?
There are so many things, he is wonderful! :)
But, if I have to choose just would have to
be how much he loves the Lord! He was saved
when he was eighteen years old, and since that
day, he has always lived for the Lord and put Him
first. In all the years that we have been married, he
has been a godly man with character. He is the same
man at home that he is in the pulpit! He has taught
me so much about what it means to be a christian!
He is the most dedicated christian that I know and
I just wish that I could be more like him.

5. Are you more of a follower or a leader?
It depends on the situation. For instance,
in our church, we have ladies that are perfectly
capable of taking care of certain things, and have
been doing them for many years. When my husband
and I came to our church, I did not feel it necessary
to "take over" and do these things my way.
However, when the situation dictates that I need
to lead, I can. I usually just "play it by ear" and do
whatever is necessary at the time.

6. What is your favorite book of the Bible?
It's funny...someone else recently asked me
this question. I have several favorites but I guess
my most favorite would be the book of Ruth.
I love the romance, for sure, who wouldn't???
But mostly, I love how it portrays our hopelessness
and how the Lord directs our paths to get us to
our kinsman Redeemer.

7. Is there a skill or hobby you'd like to learn but
have never done it, for whatever reason?
Well, quite honeestly, I can't think of anything
that I have wanted to try that I didn't try atleast
once. But there are a couple of things that I have
tried a time or two, without much success. These
things I would greatly love to master.
~ Quilting ~ Several years ago, I had a great aunt
who lived near by and wanted very much to teach me
the art of quilting. I was a young married woman and
felt that I was much too busy, what with keeping
the house, gardening, and such, to take the time.
OH, HOW I WISH I WOULD HAVE! She no longer
lives near me, and I think I will always regret not
having taking the opportunity. (Also, she needed
the Lord, and this was a failed opportunity to have
introduced her to the Savior) :(
~ Driving a "stick" or manual transmission
I have tried this on several occasions, but believe
me, I am terrible at it. I remember on one occasion
I drove my husband's car while he was at work, and
almost never made it home because it kept "dying"
on me. So, when Emily learns to drive, she is going
to learn on a stick!!!

8. What is your decorating style?
In all honesty, we've never had a lot
of money to spend on decorating per se.
I have, more often than not, bought most
of my stuff from either the thrift store or
yard sales. This being said, I do have styles
that I prefer, or that just seem to suit my taste
better than others. I am a COUNTRY GIRL
despite what my honey says ( he says that I am
a city girl who just happened to be raised in the
country) and I am a SOUTHERN GIRL!!
So, really, I have to say, that my taste runs to
very simple, country things. I really like some
of the "rustic" things, but it doesn't have to be.
In other words, the more contemporary stuff
is definitely NOT me! Emily loves glass tables
and shiny black furniture, you, know the really
contemporary stuff ~ her taste is REALLY different
from mine. ( She really may be a city girl stuck in
the country!! ) :) I love oak cabinets, frilly lacy
curtains, and comfy cozy furniture that it's okay
to put your feet up on.

Now, for my eight new questions.

1. How old were you when you became a christian?

2. What did you want to be when you grew up?

3. What is your favorite beverage?

4. If you could take a trip anywhere, where would you go? Why?

5. Do you have any special memories with your grandparents? Share one.

6. Who is your favorite author? ( this of course, does not include the Bible ) :)

7. Is there a special hobby that you and your husband enjoy doing together?

8. What is your favorite dessert?

Well...that's the easy part! Now, let's see if I can figure out how to

"tag" someone.

I would like to tag

And since Emily wanted a chance to do this, I

am also tagging her and one of her friends.

If you decide that you are going to take
part, would you mind leaving a comment so
I can read your answers.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

House Update

I cannot believe how long it has been since I have posted. But in
the days since my last post, our family has moved from our old house
into our new one. (actually, we are living in the master bedroom and
bath ~ it's kind of like living in a motel ) LOL! Anyway, we did manage
to get moved. We have been working like crazy, trying to get as much
done as we can, but it just takes time. We've also started back with
our homeschooling, started the Tuesday after Labor Day. This is
the latest we have ever started, but since we were right in the middle
of the move, we had no choice really. This, in itself, makes the work
on the house move at a slower pace. But, in a few weeks ( I hope!!!!)
we will be done, and it will all be worth it.

Earlier this summer, while having her teeth cleaned, our family
dentist did some x-rays on Emily's teeth and found that she
had an impacted tooth that simply had no room to come in.
He recommended that she see an orthodontist to see how
to best deal with the situation. After seeing the orthodontist,
he sent her to an oral surgeon who removed four of her
permanent teeth. It would seem that she had too many
teeth for what space she had in her mouth. With that taken
care of, she has now gotten her new braces (atleast part of
them) She only has them on her upper teeth for now~ later
she will get the bottom ones. He said her overbite is too bad
to put them on right away--said she would be biting the bottom
ones off. She hasn't minded them too much, just had very
minor pain so far.

I thought I would post just a few pics to bring you up to date
on where we have been and what we've been doing. Please
be patient...we are working as hard as we can to try and
finish this project, so I don't have as much time as I used
to have to blog. Soon, things will get back to normal.

Emily's pretty smile...with her new braces!
You can't really tell, but they are purple and lime green!
As always, my Emily chooses vibrant, lively colors!
New outside view of our house. The outside
is close to being done. We just have alittle
more painting to do. Of course, our yard is a mess
but we will get that eventually, once the inside is

This is my absolute favorite thing about
my new house...the front porch. I just
love, love, love it! I love to sit
out on the swing in the morning,
sip my morning coffee, and read my Bible.
It is so peaceful here.
My honey working the sheetrock in our
new living room

Bro. Jay, our deacon, came over to help my
husband with the sheetrock work. We are
so thankful for the time and effort he has put
in. We have never put in new sheetrock
so we were alittle unsure of how to do it,
but Bro. Jay knows how and makes
it look easy.

Emily's new laminate floor is about
3/4 done. We still have to put
the trim down and paint her door
but then her room will be finished.

Emily's new border, cats!
I really didn't want to use a "theme"
because at her age, she likes a different
thing every week. But, she will always
LOVE her CATS! The room was
just sooooo bright, what with
those just needed something
to break it up a bit. I think the border
was just perfect.

A teeny peek in the closet in the master
bedroom. It is amazing how much this
room "shrunk" once we got our stuff in
it! It looked so big before! Hmmm... I guess
we still have too much stuff!

The new master bath. Notice my coffee pot on
the vanity. Since I do not have a working
kitchen, I put my coffee pot in the
bathroom~ you know, kind of like
when you're on vacation in a motel.
It's kind of weird, I know, but it works
for me! As long as I have my morning
coffee, the rest of the day will go fine! ;)

Well, that's it for now! Hopefully, there
will be more pictures soon as we make
more progress. Please keep looking,
even if I don't get anything posted for
a week or two!
I will try to do better, though, I promise! :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Life Is a Blur

It's been a couple of weeks since I have posted...not because we haven't
been working on the new house, BUT because we HAVE been working over
there. AND packing, packing, and more packing!!!! I don't have any new pics
right now. Believe me, I don't want anyone to see the way it looks now! The
new house is not ready. We finished the master bedroom and bath to have
a place to move in (because the buyers of our old house need immediate
possession). So, the plan is...move into the two "readied" rooms and complete
the rest once we move in. There is still some painting to be done...the laminate
and tiles to be installed, base boards put in,
and a ton of other details. And then, of course, we begin
homeschool on Sept. 7th. (the latest we've ever started...but couldn't be
helped this year) I'll post more later when I get a chance. Pics will be
posted ( as soon as I can bear to let anyone see them) soon ;)