Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Few More Fellowship Hall Pics

Just thought that I would share a few more pics of
our fellowship hall. We have worked very hard
all week and are so close to finishing up.
Just today left to finish the work before
tomorrow, the Lord's Day, and the day
of our Christmas program.

Again, the "buffet" cabinet. There are doors
on both sides of the buffet for storage. (On
the side facing the camera, the storage is
very narrow, but on the other side~it is
regular depth) Isn't this so neat? All the serving
utensils, plates, etc. can be stored right where
they will be used~so practical.
One of church families had a relative needing to
move a piano out for lack of space so we were able
to purchase this very nice console Kimball piano
for the fellowship hall. We thought it would be
wonderful to have some music right in the building
for programs and such ( and since we are having
our Christmas program out there this year, it
turned out perfect~all our children
and young adults who take music lessons
will be doing their recital pieces before the
play~there are also several songs to be
sang between each act of the play)
A picture of the ladies bathroom~
We do not have the dividers up yet, but
the bathrooms are lovely. Bro. Jeff Adkisson,
one of our members has worked tirelessly
for months to get our bathrooms ready.
We are so very thankful for his dedication.

A look into the kitchen from a different angle.
I love our new refrigerator with the freezer on

Another look into the kitchen. We actually have
two ranges and two sinks. That way, we can
more ladies working without tripping over
each other.
The Lord has truly blessed us in the building
of our fellowship hall. It has been amazing to
watch the Lord move in helping us find
great deals, everything from the
light fixtures, cabinets, carpets, tile,
installation of tile, tables and chairs,
and the list could go on and on.
We have had folks in our church
who could wire, plumb, and do a myriad of
other work, allowing us to save on construction
costs. We are grateful to every one who
had a part in the actual building, and
also for those who gave sacrificially,
that we could have our building.
And, most of all, to our Lord and Savior,
who blessed us all in the first place.
May it always be used ONLY for His glory.


Tori said...

It's beautiful!!

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Tammy said...

It is awesome! What a great gift to use for the Lord.

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Charity said...

Wow! I'm just seeing all these pictures! What a beautiful fellowship hall! I hope our church can have something like this someday. :) You all have really put some thought into everything - so many great ideas!