Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas '09 with the Lewis Family

We always spend the Saturday before Christmas with

my side of the family. It's been a tough year,

to say the least. But, the Lord has been so good,

through it all, and we are thankful for his

mercy and kindness. I am especially thankful

that Daddy was feeling fairly well, and as the

day progressed, he seemed to get alittle stronger.

He had to go back to his oncologist on Monday

(after Saturday) and he had his white blood

levels checked. Thankfully, his levels look good

and he will now be able to get out some.

(He had been told to stay out of crowds due

to his weakened immune system)

Just being able to get out and about some

is bound to make him feel alittle better.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from

our Christmas festivities at my family's house.

Me and my honey ( he just LOVES to have his picture

taken, can you tell?)
Daddy and my sister Holly

My sister Robin and her husband, Doug

Holly with her husband, Steve

The younger grandkids~Meghan 16, Emily 10, and Max 7

Me and my baby girl~Isn't she getting soooo big? She is almost

as tall as I am!

Daddy and Momma. Look at that BIG SMILE on

his face. That was the most precious part of the

day! He has felt so bad and been so sick for

so many weeks, it like a ray of sunshine

for us to see him smiling! I believe that

even though we can be a very noisy bunch

when we all get together, that Daddy really

enjoyed the day.

Emily and her Pa

Max with one of his goodies

Emily and some of her goodies

Here Daddy is opening his BIRTHDAY gift from

us. Daddy's birthday is December 13 and since

we live almost an hour and a half away, he usually

gets his gift on Christmas. I almost always get

him a book of some sort (Daddy is a preacher, too, and

he loves books) He also just LOVES to read (I guess

that is where I get it) So, we got some study

books and then, I got him a great historical

book about World War II. His dad fought

in WWII so I thought he would enjoy reading it

and it had some marvelous pictures, too!

Momma and Daddy

I am truly thankful for the parents that

the Lord blessed me with. They did their

best to raise me to serve the Lord. What a

blessing to have a heritage of christian

parents! I love them so much, and it

has been painful to watch them go through

these difficult days. But, as they always

did while raising us, they continue

to honor the Lord. In the valleys as well

as on the mountains...


Peggy said...

Sweet pictures and precious times! I know you cherish it all.

Tammy said...

Thanks for sharing. Great to put faces with the names you post about. Praying for you and your family. Have a Happy and Blessed New year!

Tori said...

Oh I'm so glad you had a good time and your daddy got to celebrate it with you too. I know how hard that is to have a sick Daddy, mine is in Heaven now but guess what, his birthday was also the 13th of Dec. Cool huh?
Loved seeing all the photos and you have and beautiful smile!
Have a great new year!

Joy said...

Looks like a great day! I love getting together with family! :) I'm glad your parents are doing well. We've been praying. I know it is such a blessing to have parents who love the Lord.

Kristi said...

Hello Tammy,
I am Kristi from Thimble Thoughts. I'm sorry your daddy hasn't been well. My daddy has been sick for a long time and has been on dialysis for seven years. He has seen many difficult days and yet he continues to keep a high, lively spirit. Sometimes I don't know how he does it and then I have to stop and thank the Lord because I know it is through HIM that daddy faces each day. That any of us face each day. God is good! I'm glad you had a good Christmas with your mom and dad and family!!!

Nice to "meet" you.