Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2009 FBC Secret Prayer Sister Banquet

We had our Secret Prayer Sister Banquet
last week. We had a lot of fun, although we
were down just alittle in attendance. I understand
the busyness of the season. This time of year
is just a very busy time for folks. This night is
a special time for our ladies. Of course,
we pray for our "secret sister" all year,
getting her little gifts and cards, to let
her know that we are praying for her. But
on this night, we reveal our identity. I
was surprised at how many had guessed rightly
this year. (I guess, we are going to have to be
really sneaky next year!)
We sure had a great time of fellowship! (pun intended)

Emily and one of her friends from church.
(They are not yet participating in the
Secret Sisters~they just came along to eat!)
Sister Amy Williams did our devotion this year.
She did a wonderful job of inspiring each of
us to give the Lord the first and best part
of our day. (After her devotion, there were
several ladies who gave testimony of how
the Lord has blessed their lives in the
private time with Him) It was a wonderful
and sweet time for our ladies!

I just could NOT get the whole group in one
picture~I should have asked a waitress but
they were working soooo hard, I hated to bother

We played a game like "hot potato" where
we passed around a present needing to unwrapped
while christmas music played. When the music stopped,
you pass the gift to the next lady. The one who
gets to the original box gets to keep it. Above, Carrie was the
lucky young lady gets to keep the gift.
(I wrapped this gift for over 45 minutes~and it was
taped VERY well!) :)

Trying to unwrap it!! :)

Carrie just before she gets to the final box.

We played a game where Mrs. Robin read
a Christmas story about Mr. and Mrs. Wright
where you pass the gift left and right each time
you hear the word. This game was a lot of fun
and hilarious to watch because so many kept
getting their directions messed up.

Sister Helen was the one who got to keep this

Here she is with her pretty apron!
Later, I will post some pictures of individual
ladies that were taken. For some reason, I
get big spaces between my pics if I post too
many at once. Please bear with me, I'm not
all that computer savvy.


Gail Moore said...

Looks like so much fun. I especially like the unwrapping the gift game. I may have to try that. We had a wonderful time at our ladies Christmas brunch as well.

Tammy said...

Oh what fun! Thanks for the ideas for future games to play and try.

Wendy Ellis said...

Sounds wonderful! Thought you might enjoy reading this new book: www.strategicpublishinggroup.com/title/hiscalling-mypurpose.html.

Joy said...

Looks fun!! I just jotted down the gift unwrapping game idea for our party next year!