Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 FBC Christmas Banquet

Tonight, we had our annual Christmas
Banquet at church. We were soooo hopeful
to be able to be in our new fellowship
hall in time for the banquet, but we just
couldn't quite make it. BUT, we are having
our christmas program in it next week.
A "dinner-theater" type program.
It is going to make for an
but it simply must be done. As you
can see from the pictures below, we
do NOT have room for the play
in the facilities that we are now using
for fellowships. SOOOO, no matter
how much time we have to put in to
finish up this week, it's got to be done.
Pray for us, please.......there's still
quite alot left to do!!! (little finishing up
detail type things, but it seems

This picture has nothing to do with the
Christmas Banquet. I just wanted
to get a picture with Emily. She
has grown up so much this year.
By next Christmas, she will probably
be as tall as I am.
Here is a picture of one of the centerpieces.
Miss Barbara and Miss Faye did the most
of our decorating (with alittle help from
some of us who are not as creative~but
follow orders well~like me!)
I just LOVED these! What I would call
"simply elegant". Aren't they pretty?

Here is Miss Faye getting things out on the dessert table.

Miss Barbara getting the food organized

A few of our nice young ladies, :) !

My husband read some scripture just
before he prayed for the food. What a blessing
to be able to gather together to enjoy
the holidays with our church family.

Getting ready to dig in! Faith actually had
"almost" a full plate! (now that's a big deal!!~she
doesn't eat much)

We had a GREAT number in attendance. It was
wonderful to have such a great turn out. I can't wait
till next week, to have our first meal together
in our new fellowship hall. Pictures will
be coming of that occasion, too!!


Susan said...

Looks like a lot of fun!!! We have an Open House for our church family the week after Christmas. We love doing it!

Tammy said...

The center pieces are lovely!