Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas '09 with the Lewis Family

We always spend the Saturday before Christmas with

my side of the family. It's been a tough year,

to say the least. But, the Lord has been so good,

through it all, and we are thankful for his

mercy and kindness. I am especially thankful

that Daddy was feeling fairly well, and as the

day progressed, he seemed to get alittle stronger.

He had to go back to his oncologist on Monday

(after Saturday) and he had his white blood

levels checked. Thankfully, his levels look good

and he will now be able to get out some.

(He had been told to stay out of crowds due

to his weakened immune system)

Just being able to get out and about some

is bound to make him feel alittle better.

Anyway, here are a few pictures from

our Christmas festivities at my family's house.

Me and my honey ( he just LOVES to have his picture

taken, can you tell?)
Daddy and my sister Holly

My sister Robin and her husband, Doug

Holly with her husband, Steve

The younger grandkids~Meghan 16, Emily 10, and Max 7

Me and my baby girl~Isn't she getting soooo big? She is almost

as tall as I am!

Daddy and Momma. Look at that BIG SMILE on

his face. That was the most precious part of the

day! He has felt so bad and been so sick for

so many weeks, it like a ray of sunshine

for us to see him smiling! I believe that

even though we can be a very noisy bunch

when we all get together, that Daddy really

enjoyed the day.

Emily and her Pa

Max with one of his goodies

Emily and some of her goodies

Here Daddy is opening his BIRTHDAY gift from

us. Daddy's birthday is December 13 and since

we live almost an hour and a half away, he usually

gets his gift on Christmas. I almost always get

him a book of some sort (Daddy is a preacher, too, and

he loves books) He also just LOVES to read (I guess

that is where I get it) So, we got some study

books and then, I got him a great historical

book about World War II. His dad fought

in WWII so I thought he would enjoy reading it

and it had some marvelous pictures, too!

Momma and Daddy

I am truly thankful for the parents that

the Lord blessed me with. They did their

best to raise me to serve the Lord. What a

blessing to have a heritage of christian

parents! I love them so much, and it

has been painful to watch them go through

these difficult days. But, as they always

did while raising us, they continue

to honor the Lord. In the valleys as well

as on the mountains...

Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Few More Fellowship Hall Pics

Just thought that I would share a few more pics of
our fellowship hall. We have worked very hard
all week and are so close to finishing up.
Just today left to finish the work before
tomorrow, the Lord's Day, and the day
of our Christmas program.

Again, the "buffet" cabinet. There are doors
on both sides of the buffet for storage. (On
the side facing the camera, the storage is
very narrow, but on the other side~it is
regular depth) Isn't this so neat? All the serving
utensils, plates, etc. can be stored right where
they will be used~so practical.
One of church families had a relative needing to
move a piano out for lack of space so we were able
to purchase this very nice console Kimball piano
for the fellowship hall. We thought it would be
wonderful to have some music right in the building
for programs and such ( and since we are having
our Christmas program out there this year, it
turned out perfect~all our children
and young adults who take music lessons
will be doing their recital pieces before the
play~there are also several songs to be
sang between each act of the play)
A picture of the ladies bathroom~
We do not have the dividers up yet, but
the bathrooms are lovely. Bro. Jeff Adkisson,
one of our members has worked tirelessly
for months to get our bathrooms ready.
We are so very thankful for his dedication.

A look into the kitchen from a different angle.
I love our new refrigerator with the freezer on

Another look into the kitchen. We actually have
two ranges and two sinks. That way, we can
more ladies working without tripping over
each other.
The Lord has truly blessed us in the building
of our fellowship hall. It has been amazing to
watch the Lord move in helping us find
great deals, everything from the
light fixtures, cabinets, carpets, tile,
installation of tile, tables and chairs,
and the list could go on and on.
We have had folks in our church
who could wire, plumb, and do a myriad of
other work, allowing us to save on construction
costs. We are grateful to every one who
had a part in the actual building, and
also for those who gave sacrificially,
that we could have our building.
And, most of all, to our Lord and Savior,
who blessed us all in the first place.
May it always be used ONLY for His glory.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Pictures of New Fellowship Hall

Here are a few pictures taken while
we were working late last night.There is
still some details left to do, but this
will give you an idea of where we are.

Our beautiful "corner" fireplace

My honey and Emily doing some grouting

Looking from the kitchen out into the dining area

The "buffet" ~ We were so excited to have a matching

buffet table to eliminate the need for folding tables

to serve the food on

Looking into the building from the entrance

(not the best angle, I was trying to get as much

into the picture as I could)

The fireplace from another angle~isn't it lovely?

Sunday, December 13, 2009

2009 FBC Christmas Banquet

Tonight, we had our annual Christmas
Banquet at church. We were soooo hopeful
to be able to be in our new fellowship
hall in time for the banquet, but we just
couldn't quite make it. BUT, we are having
our christmas program in it next week.
A "dinner-theater" type program.
It is going to make for an
but it simply must be done. As you
can see from the pictures below, we
do NOT have room for the play
in the facilities that we are now using
for fellowships. SOOOO, no matter
how much time we have to put in to
finish up this week, it's got to be done.
Pray for us, please.......there's still
quite alot left to do!!! (little finishing up
detail type things, but it seems

This picture has nothing to do with the
Christmas Banquet. I just wanted
to get a picture with Emily. She
has grown up so much this year.
By next Christmas, she will probably
be as tall as I am.
Here is a picture of one of the centerpieces.
Miss Barbara and Miss Faye did the most
of our decorating (with alittle help from
some of us who are not as creative~but
follow orders well~like me!)
I just LOVED these! What I would call
"simply elegant". Aren't they pretty?

Here is Miss Faye getting things out on the dessert table.

Miss Barbara getting the food organized

A few of our nice young ladies, :) !

My husband read some scripture just
before he prayed for the food. What a blessing
to be able to gather together to enjoy
the holidays with our church family.

Getting ready to dig in! Faith actually had
"almost" a full plate! (now that's a big deal!!~she
doesn't eat much)

We had a GREAT number in attendance. It was
wonderful to have such a great turn out. I can't wait
till next week, to have our first meal together
in our new fellowship hall. Pictures will
be coming of that occasion, too!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

2009 FBC Secret Prayer Sister Banquet

We had our Secret Prayer Sister Banquet
last week. We had a lot of fun, although we
were down just alittle in attendance. I understand
the busyness of the season. This time of year
is just a very busy time for folks. This night is
a special time for our ladies. Of course,
we pray for our "secret sister" all year,
getting her little gifts and cards, to let
her know that we are praying for her. But
on this night, we reveal our identity. I
was surprised at how many had guessed rightly
this year. (I guess, we are going to have to be
really sneaky next year!)
We sure had a great time of fellowship! (pun intended)

Emily and one of her friends from church.
(They are not yet participating in the
Secret Sisters~they just came along to eat!)
Sister Amy Williams did our devotion this year.
She did a wonderful job of inspiring each of
us to give the Lord the first and best part
of our day. (After her devotion, there were
several ladies who gave testimony of how
the Lord has blessed their lives in the
private time with Him) It was a wonderful
and sweet time for our ladies!

I just could NOT get the whole group in one
picture~I should have asked a waitress but
they were working soooo hard, I hated to bother

We played a game like "hot potato" where
we passed around a present needing to unwrapped
while christmas music played. When the music stopped,
you pass the gift to the next lady. The one who
gets to the original box gets to keep it. Above, Carrie was the
lucky young lady gets to keep the gift.
(I wrapped this gift for over 45 minutes~and it was
taped VERY well!) :)

Trying to unwrap it!! :)

Carrie just before she gets to the final box.

We played a game where Mrs. Robin read
a Christmas story about Mr. and Mrs. Wright
where you pass the gift left and right each time
you hear the word. This game was a lot of fun
and hilarious to watch because so many kept
getting their directions messed up.

Sister Helen was the one who got to keep this

Here she is with her pretty apron!
Later, I will post some pictures of individual
ladies that were taken. For some reason, I
get big spaces between my pics if I post too
many at once. Please bear with me, I'm not
all that computer savvy.