Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prayer Request

I haven't posted in several days. Not that there
hasn't been much going on, I just haven't felt
like sitting down and putting it all into words.
Tomorrow, exactly six weeks to the day since
my mom had her mastectomy for breast cancer,
my dad will will have surgery for bladder cancer.
We do not, at this point, know much of anything.
Hopefully, after the surgery tomorrow we will
know alittle more of what we are dealing with.
Thankfully, though, my mom is now regaining
some of her strength and feels able to "take care"
of daddy the way he has "taken care" of her the
last few weeks. I just haven't felt up to saying
much about it all yet. This I DO know, our family
has been very blessed, we've had very little serious
illness to deal with, so this is a first for us. BUT, my
first thought and prayer, of course, is that we will
be just as thankful in our trials and difficulties
as we have been in our blessings. Please pray for my
dad, as he faces these uncertain days that the Lord
will give him the strength and courage he needs to
get through it all and for my mom, who is really still
recuperating from her own ordeal. I have others in
my family who need the Lord to work in their hearts.
Pray the Lord will be able to soften their hearts to
know how truly blessed our family has been. Most of
all, if there are some who have never REALLY accepted
Christ as their personal SAVIOR, that this will be the
time that they do. My parents have been wonderful,
godly, christian parents. They did their best to raise
us to the best of their ability to love and serve their
God. I am thankful for them, as they have lived their
faith before us continually. I am truly grateful that
I know my parents are believers and that they
have pointed the way to us, as their children. Another
thing that has helped me is that they have always
tried their best to honor God with their lives, thus
it doesn't leave us questioning if they really know God.
They have a true testimony of their life in Christ.
Knowing this, that they are christians, has made it easier to
face these trials. Anyway, I hope this all makes sense.
My thoughts are alittle scattered. I do appreciate your
prayers during this time.


Peggy said...

Precious words. Been praying and will continue. Love you,

Tammy said...

I'll be praying! Keep us posted. I'm sorry for these trials but God must know He can trust your family and allow Satan to throw things in your direction.

Gail Moore said...

Sorry to hear of the "valleys" you are going through right now. I know you really don't know me, but I felt as if I should send you a note. My own dad had to have surgery for bladder cancer several years ago. They were able to get it all and it was a very succesful surgery. It is my prayer that this will be the case with your dad as well. Please keep us posted. Gail