Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thanksgiving Day!
I have much to be thankful for. In our
Sunday morning service, many folks
in our congregation testified of the
goodness of God in their lives, while
going through difficult times. Many,
many people said that it had been a hard
year. So many of our church family have
been in very difficult and trying
circumstances. Some have lost dear
loved ones, some have faced sickness,
some have faced sickness of loved ones,
and the list goes on and on. YET, in every
testimony given, none failed to praise
our wonderful Savior for His goodness
and grace in their lives. Sometimes life
is hard, but God is ALWAYS good and faithful.
I am thankful this year, for all the times
in the past when God has answered prayer
and strengthened me. These times will
help to remind me, when I need it, for
renewed strength in the upcoming year.
I also want to say thank you to the
sweet readers of my blog. It is a blessing
to me to know that there are some dear
christian friends, some of whom I have never
met, that are praying for me and my family.
I have very much enjoyed getting to know
these new "friends" through our blogs.
~This note is for Tammy~I apologize for
not updating before now about the status
of my Dad. Things have been alittle hectic.
He is to take chemo for three months before
he has his bladder removed. The doctors
at Vanderbilt said that this would be better
because if they do the surgery and find more
cancer cells, he would have to wait until he
is completely recovered from the surgery to
take chemo, and they have already labeled
his cancer as "aggressive". So, in taking the
chemo before, they will taking care of the
other cancer cells first. I hope this makes
sense. Anyway, that's where he stands now.
Daddy is still experiencing some pain, we
hope this will improve in the coming days.
He and Mom are in pretty good spirits,
all things considered.
I do appreciate your continued prayers. I will
try to keep my blog updated as much as
possible. So, Tammy, if I forget to update,
just send me a little reminder now and then. :)
Once again...
I am thankful for all my new blogger friends.
It has been very encouraging to me to be
able to "meet" you all, and get to know you
through your blogs. It is also, a blessing to
my parents, to know that there are people
all over praying for them.
God Bless You All!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I Love You, Lord

I thank You, Lord, for all You've done,
I don't deserve Your love;
When I was lost You saw my need,
And left Your home above.
I love You, Lord,
I love You, Lord,
because of Calvary;
I love You, Lord,
I love You, Lord,
You're everything to me.
You proved Your love on Calvary,
You bore my sin and shame;
I'll live for You through all my days,
I'll praise Your holy name!
Words and Music by Ron Hamilton
These words sum up my feelings these
days. The Lord has been so good to me.
My heart and soul has, at times, in the
last several weeks, has felt uneasy
and troubled by circumstances.
BUT, in all this, my God has given
strength and encouragment to
trust in Him. Truly, with my all
my heart, I say
"I Love You, Lord"
I am so glad that when I am in
trouble, I have a refuge to run to.
How do those, who do not know
the Lord, make it when they
are facing dark days. May
I live my life, always, in sweet
communion with my Lord, so
that when I am in despair, I am not
hindered by unconfessed sin
and broken fellowship. May I
give Him my heart and life daily.
Again, I say,
"I Love You, Lord"

Monday, November 16, 2009


I haven't posted anything in the last few days.
We had to wait over a week before we could
hear back from the pathologist about Daddy's
surgery. We finally got the report back today.
Unfortunately, the news was not very good. He
has Stage III Bladder cancer. At this point, we
are not sure what all will transpire. We DO know
that he will have his bladder removed. He and
Mom have an appointment next week to meet
with a doctor at Vanderbilt to discuss his situation.
Of course, this was not what we wanted to hear.
It would have been wonderful to hear "we got it
all" and that he was going to be fine. But, in this
life, sometimes we face difficult times. This is
one of those times. Our family is grateful that
his doctor in Cookeville set up the appointment
for him at Vanderbilt. The doctor there is supposed
to be one of the top in this field. Just one more
blessing of the Lord. How blessed our family
has been, to have had good health for so long.
Now, in what may be our most difficult trial yet,
may we be found trusting in the Lord, the source
of our strength, and may we be found giving HIM
the praise that HE deserves.
So, in this season of Thanksgiving...I am
thankful for the many, many years of blessing
the Lord has bestowed on my family, for parents
who loved the Lord, and passed the baton of
faith to their children, and most of all, for being
a loving Savior that I can run to when I need Him.
He has always been faithful, I know that whatever
we face, He will carry us through it.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Unexpected Blessing!

My parents have always loved the Primitive Quartet.
They had recently bought tickets to go see them while
they were singing nearby. As it turns out, the night of
the singing was at the same time that Daddy would be
the hospital from his bladder cancer surgery. My nephew,
who had planned to attend the singing with my parents, decided to see
if they could arrange a visit from a couple of the fellows
who sing with them to come by Daddy's room. My uncle,
who knows the Primitives fairly well, worked out all the
details. Last night, two hours before the singing was to
begin, Daddy got a visit from Bro. Reagan and Bro. Norman.
I cannot tell you how much this meant to my parents.
The look on their faces was priceless. It was such an
encouragement to them. They both spent a few minutes
encouraging them in the Lord, shared some scripture,
and then took the time to pray with them before they
left. I am sure that they had a lot to do before the singing
but, what a blessing it was to my family for these men
to do this. Here is a picture I got on my phone.

Bro. Reagan and Bro. Norman
of the Primitive Quartet visit
Daddy in the hospital.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Prayer Request

I haven't posted in several days. Not that there
hasn't been much going on, I just haven't felt
like sitting down and putting it all into words.
Tomorrow, exactly six weeks to the day since
my mom had her mastectomy for breast cancer,
my dad will will have surgery for bladder cancer.
We do not, at this point, know much of anything.
Hopefully, after the surgery tomorrow we will
know alittle more of what we are dealing with.
Thankfully, though, my mom is now regaining
some of her strength and feels able to "take care"
of daddy the way he has "taken care" of her the
last few weeks. I just haven't felt up to saying
much about it all yet. This I DO know, our family
has been very blessed, we've had very little serious
illness to deal with, so this is a first for us. BUT, my
first thought and prayer, of course, is that we will
be just as thankful in our trials and difficulties
as we have been in our blessings. Please pray for my
dad, as he faces these uncertain days that the Lord
will give him the strength and courage he needs to
get through it all and for my mom, who is really still
recuperating from her own ordeal. I have others in
my family who need the Lord to work in their hearts.
Pray the Lord will be able to soften their hearts to
know how truly blessed our family has been. Most of
all, if there are some who have never REALLY accepted
Christ as their personal SAVIOR, that this will be the
time that they do. My parents have been wonderful,
godly, christian parents. They did their best to raise
us to the best of their ability to love and serve their
God. I am thankful for them, as they have lived their
faith before us continually. I am truly grateful that
I know my parents are believers and that they
have pointed the way to us, as their children. Another
thing that has helped me is that they have always
tried their best to honor God with their lives, thus
it doesn't leave us questioning if they really know God.
They have a true testimony of their life in Christ.
Knowing this, that they are christians, has made it easier to
face these trials. Anyway, I hope this all makes sense.
My thoughts are alittle scattered. I do appreciate your
prayers during this time.