Tuesday, October 20, 2009

King James Bible Conference at FBC

We are having a King James Bible Conference
at our church this week. Dr. James Jones,Jr.
has been teaching (preaching) this week. He is
our pastor ( from our home church where we
attended before my husband began pastoring
our church). Pastor Jones is a great authority
on the King James Version of the bible. He has
done MUCH study on this subject and has
preached this series of messages in many, many
churches around the country. Bro. Jones stays
very busy, preaching in meetings almost every
week of the year, this in addition to pastoring
his church. We feel so blessed to have had him
with us this week.

And on a more personal note, Bro and Sis Jones
have been a tremendous blessing to us over the years.
They have taught us so much, much more than they
could ever even realize. They took us under their wings
when my husband was a young preacher, still "wet
behind the ears", if you will. My husband learned a great
deal about being a pastor, from being under the ministry
of this great man. Bro Jones is a tremendous pastor. He
never ceases to amaze me with his great knowledge of
the Word of God. He always came to the Lord's house with
something that would feed and nourish the flock with just
what we needed. His passion for serving the Lord and
His people is a great inspiration. His love for his church
is truly a blessing. I am thankful the Lord allowed us to
be a part of his ministry for nine years before calling us
to serve in another church. And I, have learned so very much
from his precious wife, Sis Sandra. Everything from how to
conduct myself as a pastor's wife, how to properly iron my
husband's dress shirts, and how to be hostess to the
many families that will be gracing our table at times. She
is, to me, the epitome of what a pastor's wife should be,
and I am grateful for the years the Lord allowed us to
learn under them. She is kind, compassionate, and
gracious. I could never say from my heart, how much I
love this precious couple. They have had us in their
home literally hundreds of times. They were there, praying
for us, when we faced some of the most difficult times
of our lives. It means so much when you have dear friends
who care about you, and love you through the trials.
Since we have had them with us this week, I guess, it
just got me thinking about how much they have meant to
us and I just thought that I would share it with you.


Peggy said...

Your words are a blessing, and I KNOW our church feels the same about you and your husband!

Joy said...

They are a wonderful couple. As a younger couple in the ministry, we really look up to them! And to you! And I agree with Mom. I know Fellowship feels the same way about you! :) Thank you for posting this!

Tammy said...

It is so great to have Godly leaders and mentors to look to. Believe me, it is something to cherish for not everyone gets that.

Lilas Conuts said...
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