Thursday, October 1, 2009

HomeGrown Supper

The weather has been cool and "autumny"
the last couple of days. This time of year
always puts me in the mood for
soups and chilis. Since deer season
is now open in our area, and since
we are hopeful that my husband
will harvest another deer this year,
we are trying to finish off the rest of
last years venison. ( We have almost
eaten two whole deer since last year )
We DO love venison and eat quite
alot of it.
Soooo, last night I made venison, vegetable soup.
This was an awesome soup. Why????
Because almost everything in it was
provided by our own hands
(or hands of dear friends who kindly
shared garden produce with us)
The venison, green beans, corn, tomatoes,
and onions were provided by us.
The carrots were provided by a very
nice family in our church.
The potatoes were the only thing
added that was "store-bought".
Isn't that soooo cool? I think
that it made the soup taste so
much better. Like, somehow all
the sweat and work that went
into it "seasoned" it. Oh well, just
thought that I would share that
with you.

As for an update about my mother.
She is doing pretty well. She went
back to her surgeon yesterday. There
is some infection at the incision site.
He prescribed some strong
antibiotic and said it should be
fine. She was able to attend
church for the first time last
night. She carried a pillow with
her to hide the drain. ( She still
has this drain thingy attached
that needs to be emptied twice
daily) She will probably have the
drain for another week or so.
But ,she is gradually getting stronger.
I would appreciate it if you keep
her in your prayers. We are still
waiting to hear from the pathologist
concerning the need for further
treatment. She is looking forward
to getting some normalcy
back into her life.


Becky said...

Oh yummy! Your soup sure does look good! I have been dying to make chili! but Jonathan says its not quite cold enough!

I will never forget the first thing we ate at your house was your AWESOME chili! and Pastor telling us that it had deer meat in it! LOL :) I will never forget the look on your well now ya went and done it! I was not gonna tell them that and to your surprise Jonathan and I both asked for more! We REALLY loved it!

I have been and will continue praying for your Mom! Tell her even though she does not know me that I say Hi!

Anonymous said...

Hey! I could eat a different soup every night of the week - year round! (Daniel isn't quite so fond of it...) Your quilt and soup looked awesome!! The website I was telling you about for the homemade bread was You can request a free info cd that tells you all about the health benefits of whole wheat... Let me know what you think.

Tammy said...

So cool to make food when supplies come from your own making. Looks yummy - Bob would love to try it. We too are trying to finish off the deer in the freezer before the next season. It is in Nov. - Bow season is not tho, I think. Bob doesn't bow hunt. I know I enjoyed making the pear honey a few weeks ago. Though only the pears came from the back yard!
So glad to hear of your mom's improvement. We had a lady in our church in OK while we were there who had a masectomy. She had the drain for a week or two. That was one of the worst parts for her. I'll keep praying.