Saturday, October 10, 2009

Corn Maze

Savannah on the jumping pillow

Carrie and Faith

Sister Peggy with her grandsons

Brittney, Emily, Nathaniel, and Savannah

In front of the "spider"
Isn't this thing so cool???


Peggy said...

Lots of fun!

Tammy said...

What are the spider's legs made of? Is he strong enough to climb on? Looks like fun.

Tammy said...

We did have a very fun time. I am having alittle trouble uploading pictures...I have lots more, just can't get them on. :(

Tammy, I believe that the spider legs were made of those plumbing pipes (like the ones in a field line). I think he could be climbed on, since it was a big ol' round haybale. BUT, I don' think that the owners would've wanted us to. :) So, we settled for pictures.
We have gone to this place several times for field trips and the children always have a good time.