Tuesday, October 20, 2009

King James Bible Conference at FBC

We are having a King James Bible Conference
at our church this week. Dr. James Jones,Jr.
has been teaching (preaching) this week. He is
our pastor ( from our home church where we
attended before my husband began pastoring
our church). Pastor Jones is a great authority
on the King James Version of the bible. He has
done MUCH study on this subject and has
preached this series of messages in many, many
churches around the country. Bro. Jones stays
very busy, preaching in meetings almost every
week of the year, this in addition to pastoring
his church. We feel so blessed to have had him
with us this week.

And on a more personal note, Bro and Sis Jones
have been a tremendous blessing to us over the years.
They have taught us so much, much more than they
could ever even realize. They took us under their wings
when my husband was a young preacher, still "wet
behind the ears", if you will. My husband learned a great
deal about being a pastor, from being under the ministry
of this great man. Bro Jones is a tremendous pastor. He
never ceases to amaze me with his great knowledge of
the Word of God. He always came to the Lord's house with
something that would feed and nourish the flock with just
what we needed. His passion for serving the Lord and
His people is a great inspiration. His love for his church
is truly a blessing. I am thankful the Lord allowed us to
be a part of his ministry for nine years before calling us
to serve in another church. And I, have learned so very much
from his precious wife, Sis Sandra. Everything from how to
conduct myself as a pastor's wife, how to properly iron my
husband's dress shirts, and how to be hostess to the
many families that will be gracing our table at times. She
is, to me, the epitome of what a pastor's wife should be,
and I am grateful for the years the Lord allowed us to
learn under them. She is kind, compassionate, and
gracious. I could never say from my heart, how much I
love this precious couple. They have had us in their
home literally hundreds of times. They were there, praying
for us, when we faced some of the most difficult times
of our lives. It means so much when you have dear friends
who care about you, and love you through the trials.
Since we have had them with us this week, I guess, it
just got me thinking about how much they have meant to
us and I just thought that I would share it with you.

Friday, October 16, 2009

More Baking

Emily and I decided to make Banana bread. I needed

to make a visit to a couple of our shut-ins and I

always try to take them some kind of goodies when

I go. Emily loves to help with baking. She is

very good at following directions. We love

to do these things together. Plus, it makes

the house smell sooooo good.

( I am trying to lose weight again, though, so

it makes it awfully tempting. It helped that as

soon as the bread cooled, I left for my visit)


Here Emily is mashing the bananas

Scooping the mashed bananas into the flour mixture

Using the mixer, she actually prefers to

do the mixing by hand. But, we couldn't get

it mixed well enough. What did they do in

old days before electric mixers?????

The batter just before we put it in the oven

The finished project.

In my busyness, I forgot to get a picture of the

loaf as it looked when it came out the oven, but

take my word for it, it looked very tasty. I

DID, however, remember to get a picture

of it sliced.

(And by the way, I DID take one teeny bite~just

to make sure that it was going to be good)

I make it a practice to taste everything that

goes out of my house~just in case~I wouldn't

want anyone to think I was a terrible cook!! ;)

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Emily's Science Project

In Emily's last Science Pace (A.C.E.),

she had to do a project where she

listed several different animals that

God created, and then tell how they

are useful or helpful to us. Here she

is holding her finished project.

(Doesn't she look happy??) Anyway, the

bottom picture is not that great, could

not find a good way to get it all in.

We had to look in several places to find all the pictures.

It was a fun project, though, and she really enjoyed

doing it. It serves as a reminder that everything

that we have, we have because of our God

who provides it.

Day Book

Outside my window… It’s a cool and drizzly day.

I am thinking… How I have so much to do around the house today.

I am thankful for… My family and knowing the Love of God.

From the learning rooms… We will begin a new study in Social Studies about when immigrants came to America, about the Statue of Liberty, and the difficulties of becoming an American as an immigrant. I LOVE history, I am hoping to make history come alive for Em so she will LOVE it too! In Math, Emily is learning some Pre-Geometry (which she is really enjoying, especially having spent the last few weeks in long multiplication and long division)

From the kitchen… Going to make a Banana Bread to take to some shut-ins later

I am wearing… denim skirt and t-shirt.

I am creating... Going to try to do some more quilting on the quilt Emily and I did in the Quilting class...getting closer to finishing it.

I am going… To visit some shut-ins later today.

I am reading… My Bible and a Karen Kingsbury book-Take One

I am hoping…To get the homeschooling done alittle early today, soooo much to do.

I am hearing… The whirrr of the ceiling fans and Emily's pencil finishing up Math.

Around the house… Everything needs done today, probably not going to get it all done :/ Oh well...

One of my favorite things… Listening to Emily practice her music lessons

Here are three pictures for thought I am sharing…

Emily recently began taking violin lessons in
addition to piano lessons. Here she is practicing.

Here is a picture of our new fellowship hall. This is
looking into the kitchen area.

This one is looking at the side south wall in the
dining area. We are so excited it. We're getting closer to
finishing it up. Next week, the tile goes in,
then painting, then carpet, YAY! The Lord
has sure been good!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Corn Maze

Savannah on the jumping pillow

Carrie and Faith

Sister Peggy with her grandsons

Brittney, Emily, Nathaniel, and Savannah

In front of the "spider"
Isn't this thing so cool???

Thursday, October 1, 2009

HomeGrown Supper

The weather has been cool and "autumny"
the last couple of days. This time of year
always puts me in the mood for
soups and chilis. Since deer season
is now open in our area, and since
we are hopeful that my husband
will harvest another deer this year,
we are trying to finish off the rest of
last years venison. ( We have almost
eaten two whole deer since last year )
We DO love venison and eat quite
alot of it.
Soooo, last night I made venison, vegetable soup.
This was an awesome soup. Why????
Because almost everything in it was
provided by our own hands
(or hands of dear friends who kindly
shared garden produce with us)
The venison, green beans, corn, tomatoes,
and onions were provided by us.
The carrots were provided by a very
nice family in our church.
The potatoes were the only thing
added that was "store-bought".
Isn't that soooo cool? I think
that it made the soup taste so
much better. Like, somehow all
the sweat and work that went
into it "seasoned" it. Oh well, just
thought that I would share that
with you.

As for an update about my mother.
She is doing pretty well. She went
back to her surgeon yesterday. There
is some infection at the incision site.
He prescribed some strong
antibiotic and said it should be
fine. She was able to attend
church for the first time last
night. She carried a pillow with
her to hide the drain. ( She still
has this drain thingy attached
that needs to be emptied twice
daily) She will probably have the
drain for another week or so.
But ,she is gradually getting stronger.
I would appreciate it if you keep
her in your prayers. We are still
waiting to hear from the pathologist
concerning the need for further
treatment. She is looking forward
to getting some normalcy
back into her life.