Thursday, September 17, 2009


I want to express my thanks to all those
who have left comments and have been
praying for my mother and for our families.
She is scheduled to have a mastectomy next
Thursday. They were hopeful that she
could have a lumpectomy, but after they
did an MRI, they found another questionable
spot and decided that it was too risky. They
did say that if none of the cancer was in the
lymph nodes that she would not even
have to take radiation or chemo. This
is what we are hoping for at this time.
Mom is doing okay right now. She is in
pretty good spirits, all things considered.
I would ask that you still keep her in your
On a somewhat lighter note, Emily have
been back at our homeschooling since
August 17th. Things have been alittle
crazy around here ( so what else is new??)
We have had several things going on at
church that have required my presence.
We are also in the process of building
a fellowship hall, so my husband is
in and out, running here and running
there, so it seems that none of our days
have just been "typical" days. I admit...I
function better without disruptions...but
alas, it does NOT seem that we are
going to be without them for a while,
atleast not in the foreseeable future.
We are managing to keep on schedule,
we're just not always working at the
same place. One thing that we
decided to do this year, is take a
beginner's quilting class. I found
a store in a neighboring town where
they give "free" classes. You only
have to supply your own materials
(which of course you purchase from
the store) Anyway, I talked it
over with my husband and we felt
that this would be a great class for
Emily, a kind of early home ec class,
if you will. She is getting some
experience using a sewing machine,
and so far she is really enjoying it.
The class is one day each week during
the month of September for two or
three hours, depending on what
we are working on. We are making
up for book work by adding extra
pages in throughout the week.
It's been fun so far, and we look
forward to many more projects in the
future. This one is a combined effort,
she and I have both done alot of the work.
Here is a picture of what we have gotten
accomplished so far. Just the piece work
really. Next week, we will do the borders.
We will have to learn the actual quilting
at another time. Emily picked all the material.
She LOVES vibrant colors, she is not in
any way subdued. Can you tell??

Here is a picture of Emily's first day of school.
She has a desk in the kitchen, which works
best for us. She has her very own space,
with which to spread out and work.
As she gets older, she may be able to
work in her room, but at this time, it is
best for her to work in here. Doesn't she look
happy to be back to school?? (The truth is...this
was about the fourth or fifth picture I took before
I got one with her smiling....she was actually NOT
very happy to be back to work already)
I know how she feels...where does the summer


Peggy said...

Never fear....not many children are jumping with glee to do school work!

Becky said...

Oh! I remember those days so well of my Mom saying its time to start school again! And how I hated it too!! LOL :) Don't worry, Emmie, Christmas break will be here before you know it!

Ms Pallotta,
I have been and will continue to pray for your Mom and your family, and I think I said this on fb but I really do like ya'lls quilt! I can't wait to see it. :)

Lori said...

We were not all that thrilled with starting back to school. We have had a couple of days, where we had the hardest time getting up and moving.

I'm praying for you mom.

Tammy said...

Oh that quilt is bright but makes you smile when you look at it. It just screams happy happy happy! Good job Emily! I so wish I'd have learned more about sewing when I was younger and then taught Jenny.