Wednesday, September 2, 2009

2009 FBC Water Wars

I have been shamefully negligent of my
blog lately. My only excuse that we have
been sooooo busy. What with finishing
up with the garden produce, getting
back to homeschooling, and keeping
up my church duties, I just haven't had
time to sit down at the computer and
post. Anyway, this post is for my
two or three loyal readers who have
been checking patiently each day to see
if we are still alive in Wartburg. ;)
We had our Water Wars again at
our church a couple of weeks ago. As
usual, this is a very fun day. Kind
of a last minute church activity before
everyone gets so busy with school
activities and such. Here are a few
pictures of our day.

Our Faithie, ain't she sweet?

Kristin (wasn't looking at me...), Lys, and Kelly

These pics were taken before we got
started...everyone was just kinda hangin' out

Emily and some of little girls

We're always glad when Sis Peggy's
grandchildren can join us. Here are
Ryder and Brayden really getting into
the singing...

My honey leading the group in the JOY.
This song is LOTS of fun!!!!!

Girls being a "Y" in JOY

Bro Jonathan gave a tremendous devotion
about our vast and wonderful God
and HIS creation of the stars and heavens.

This was a game where the teams were
asked a bible question... if they answered
correctly, they got to burst a water ballon
on the heads of either Bro Jonathan or
Pastor Pallotta

Courtney looks as if she is really enjoying this

Sis Robin organizes these events...she is such a
blessing to our church

Sis Peggy was in charge of the little ones...she
looks as wet as them, doesn't she???

Kelly and Faith

My sweet honey...he is a great sport...and
loves to do things like this with our
youth group

Bro Jonathan getting ready for a soaking

Our little "redneck" water slide...didn't work
great...needed a hill

The kids had fun anyway

The little kids "Slip and Slide" worked much better

Sis Kristin, Sis Peggy's daughter....we just
love her family and are always happy
when they can visit with us

Mrs Robin...I love this picture of her

Here was my team...about to bomb the
other team running through the obstacle course

Our little Faithie's so hard
to believe that she is a senior this year. She
just got a really cute little car...I need a picture
of it, too, don't I?

A lovely, flattering, picture of myself as I run
through the obstacle course...NOT!!!

Mrs Wanda and her granddaughter, Sydney

Cory and Carrie

Faith, Kelly, Courtney, Alyssa, and Taylor

This was a fun game...forgot what it was called

Digging for marble with our toes, in
freezing water...not as easy as it sounds,
I promise!

My honey


Becky said...

Wow!!! you posted something! lol...just giving you a hard time:) Water Wars was so much fun! I am looking forward to next year when we have it again!

Tammy said...

Looks like everyone had a great time. It would have been a little cool here lately to try that. Our past two mornings have been 48 but jumping up to the 70s in the day. - Way below normal!

Notes From My Life said...

I loved looking at these! It was so so much fun!
And yessss you so do need a picure of my car (: