Thursday, August 13, 2009

South Carolina Aquarium

After we left Folly Beach, we decided that
we were ready for lunch. My husband LOVES
real seafood, so I told him that for our
25th anniversary dinner, I wanted to take
him out for seafood in Charleston (our anniversary
was a few weeks ago) He suggested eating
lunch instead of dinner to save money.
You know, he is always so frugal! :)
Anyway, after doing a little research about
various places on the internet, (and due
to the fact that one of our church members
had just eaten here the week before) we
decided to eat at the Noisy Oyster.
We had a great lunch and the atmosphere
was so neat. It was just across the
street from the old Charleston
Market. (the old slave market which
is now a flea market). After lunch, we
went to the aquarium. We enjoyed going
there. ( We didn't like it quite as much
as the Ripley's aquarium in Gatlinburg,
but Emily really had fun and that's
what counts).

Emily was able to get her favorite lunch, PIZZA!

This was the old slave market.
Gave me a creepy, kind of
sad feeling because of it's history.
But then, Bret reminded me that
now it should give one a happy feeling
because it is no longer a slave market.

This was the entrance to the aquarium.

Emily in front of one of the tanks.

I love the starfish! Aren't they pretty?

My sweet Emily

Emily in the shark's mouth! Aaagh!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Little Time Away

I haven't posted in a few days. My husband had to preach
in St. Stephens, SC so we decided to leave a couple of days
early and get in a little vacation. We weren't really planning
a getaway this year. So, this would be a little treat for us.
Of course, it wasn't really a vacation for my honey, since he
had to preach, and thus, spent a lot of time studying, praying,
and preparing. But, it was still nice to get away. The first
day, we decided that we would like to go to the ocean and
pick up some seashells. We got up early and drove about
an hour to the coast. Here are a few pictures at Folly Beach.
It was a beautiful beach, with very few people ( which is
unusual for this time of year) Anyway, we enjoyed it very
much. I will be posting a few more pictures later to share
more of our trip.

My honey and I at the beach

Emily and her daddy picking up shells

Emily and I

Emily and I on a little bridge

My sweet Em