Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Have I Been Doing?

Whoa! Two posts in one day! Don't faint, please!
I just wanted to share what I've been busy doing.
CANNING! Some very, generous folks from
our church allowed us to go and pick some beans
(three five-gallonbuckets to be exact). They also loaned me their
pressure canner, since I haven't purchased one
of my own yet. I am soooo excited. Today, after
finishing up, the total was 27 quarts, and two pints.
We have planted a small garden of our own with
a couple of rows of beans. If they do well, we should
have several cans of beans put up for the winter.
Last year was the first time that I had tried to
do any canning. And guess what! I LOVE it! Who
knew??? Anyway, here's a pic or two!

In the first picture, I show this handy
little set I picked up yesterday. While
canning last year, I used a large
spoon to lift the hot jars out of
the canner, thus burning my fingers
a few times. This little set is great.
It comes with a jar funnel, bubble
remover & headspace tool, magnetic
lid lifter, and the jar lifter. I don't know
how I ever managed without these
nifty little items. Very economical.
Picked mine up at Walmart for
around $7.00


Peggy said...

Busy little bee, you are :)

Becky said...

I have that set too!! and really loved mine:) your right it is VERY handy:)

Tammy said...

I haven't canned anything in years so I'm not sure I remember how but we haven't planted a garden in years. We aren't given enough stuff from other folks who do have a garden to do any canning. It gets eaten as fast as it comes in!

Lori said...

I remember the first summer that I actually did some canning. I fell in love with it. I try to find something that I can Can, just so I can do it. It can be addicting!