Thursday, July 30, 2009

Canning and Sewing

I have been busy this week, harvesting and canning
our garden produce. After being away for a couple of
days, our garden was bursting with lots of veggies.
First off, I gave away a bucket of cucumbers. I just
didn't have time earlier in the week to deal with
pickling them ( I have already made 36 pints of
dill pickles ) I was then able to concentrate on getting
my beans picked, broken, and canned. The count
on this picking is 4 quarts, and 28 pints. A friend
told me that she cans her beans in pints instead of
quarts because this is just the right size for her
family of three. I usually can in quarts ( I guess
because that is what my mom always did ) I decided
that I would try that. I used all the pint jars I had
on hand and finished off with the quart jars. They
turned out great! With this picking, plus the beans
that a church member so graciously gave us earlier
in the season, this brings my bean total to 31 quarts
and 30 pints. Not bad! And I am so excited to have
these on hand for the coming months. Here is a picture
of some of the beans cooling on the counter after being

I still haven't purchased a pressure canner yet.
I decided that I wanted to try a different kind
than the one I borrowed from another friend.
There are a few different makes of these, and
since it would be a big investment, I felt that
maybe I should try the different kinds
(since my dear, sweet friends, don't mind
lending me theirs to try them out)
Still haven't made a decision~BUT~it
will probably be based on what kind of
deal I can find late in the season
~You know I am always looking for a bargain~
While canning, I decided to go ahead and
get caught up on some of sewing projects I
need to get done. ( I don't feel comfortable
leaving the kitchen while using the pressure
canner). My Emily has grown soooo much
this year. She has almost outgrown all her
culottes. ( and for a little girl who wears these
almost every day, this is NOT good) I had
purchased some pieces of material earlier
in the summer, but just have not taken the
time to get them done. This seemed
to be the perfect opportunity.

Emily picked this material. It has bees on it.
This is her favorite.

I used a brown paper bad as a pattern.
I could never really find a culotte pattern
that I was satisfied with, so I made my own.
It's not perfect, but it suits our needs.

Here are the four finished projects.

Finding Nemo print (got this material
at a yard sale, not my favorite~but the
price was great, and the thickness
of the material was very nice for a culotte)

The bees

Scooby Doo ( same yard sale) :)

This pair is made from a soft denim.
Usually, I make a print culotte. But is
is very hard to find shirts, so I decided
that this time I would make a denim that
she could wear any kind of shirt with.
I've had a very busy week. I've not gotten
much of anything else accomplished....but
I have finally gotten caught up on my sewing.
As for the canning......that is an ongoing thing.
As I type, I have cucumbers ready for more
pickles, I am going to do more dill and
some bread and butter pickles ( this was
my husband's late grandmothers recipe
and it can't be beat~best bread and butter
pickles I've ever eaten~if I say so myself.)


Peggy said...

What a gal! Love the culottes. Brings back lots of memories-making them for my girls. Love the bee print. Bought some to make a bag. Bought a bag pattern, but never made it. Maybe some day~~

Tammy said...

Wow! You have been busy. That was quite a few culottes to make and lots of canning to get done. Congrats! I have an apron project to do today that I want to make for a young lady getting married next week. I hope to put it on Chari's FOF this week.