Thursday, July 30, 2009

Canning and Sewing

I have been busy this week, harvesting and canning
our garden produce. After being away for a couple of
days, our garden was bursting with lots of veggies.
First off, I gave away a bucket of cucumbers. I just
didn't have time earlier in the week to deal with
pickling them ( I have already made 36 pints of
dill pickles ) I was then able to concentrate on getting
my beans picked, broken, and canned. The count
on this picking is 4 quarts, and 28 pints. A friend
told me that she cans her beans in pints instead of
quarts because this is just the right size for her
family of three. I usually can in quarts ( I guess
because that is what my mom always did ) I decided
that I would try that. I used all the pint jars I had
on hand and finished off with the quart jars. They
turned out great! With this picking, plus the beans
that a church member so graciously gave us earlier
in the season, this brings my bean total to 31 quarts
and 30 pints. Not bad! And I am so excited to have
these on hand for the coming months. Here is a picture
of some of the beans cooling on the counter after being

I still haven't purchased a pressure canner yet.
I decided that I wanted to try a different kind
than the one I borrowed from another friend.
There are a few different makes of these, and
since it would be a big investment, I felt that
maybe I should try the different kinds
(since my dear, sweet friends, don't mind
lending me theirs to try them out)
Still haven't made a decision~BUT~it
will probably be based on what kind of
deal I can find late in the season
~You know I am always looking for a bargain~
While canning, I decided to go ahead and
get caught up on some of sewing projects I
need to get done. ( I don't feel comfortable
leaving the kitchen while using the pressure
canner). My Emily has grown soooo much
this year. She has almost outgrown all her
culottes. ( and for a little girl who wears these
almost every day, this is NOT good) I had
purchased some pieces of material earlier
in the summer, but just have not taken the
time to get them done. This seemed
to be the perfect opportunity.

Emily picked this material. It has bees on it.
This is her favorite.

I used a brown paper bad as a pattern.
I could never really find a culotte pattern
that I was satisfied with, so I made my own.
It's not perfect, but it suits our needs.

Here are the four finished projects.

Finding Nemo print (got this material
at a yard sale, not my favorite~but the
price was great, and the thickness
of the material was very nice for a culotte)

The bees

Scooby Doo ( same yard sale) :)

This pair is made from a soft denim.
Usually, I make a print culotte. But is
is very hard to find shirts, so I decided
that this time I would make a denim that
she could wear any kind of shirt with.
I've had a very busy week. I've not gotten
much of anything else accomplished....but
I have finally gotten caught up on my sewing.
As for the canning......that is an ongoing thing.
As I type, I have cucumbers ready for more
pickles, I am going to do more dill and
some bread and butter pickles ( this was
my husband's late grandmothers recipe
and it can't be beat~best bread and butter
pickles I've ever eaten~if I say so myself.)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Youth Meeting Pictures

We had a great time at the youth meeting.
Two days of great preaching, wonderful
spirit-filled singing, and lots of fun and
fellowship. When we checked in the motel,
the first thing we noticed was the cool sink.
Actually, it should be called a "basin" , I
think. My husband laughed a us and said
that we had gone back in time, that we
used a basin in the "old" days. We, girls,
thought this was just too cool.
Emily had brought some games,
so a few of her friends came over
to our room to play. Before long, we
had almost all the kids in our was very crowded
but the laughter and fellowship
was worth it.
These teenagers didn't want to
play, only primp, but they came
along for the fun.
(not a very good picture~taken on
my phone)

Six kids all crowded around trying
to play Uno

Before one of the services in the sanctuary

Kristin and Taylor, sisters, who just
started coming to our church~We were
so excited they decided to join us

This was the hosting church's Ladies Choir singing
They did such a great job!

Another special singing group

Bro Jonathan, Mrs. Becky, and Carrie

Sister Robin and Sister Darlene

Faith, Lindsay, and Taylor

Some of our kids just had to go check
out the balcony...

Bro Jonathan and Bro Daniel look like
they are having a great time, huh?

Kelly and one of Mrs. Darlene's granddaughters, Courtney

Mrs. Amy and Mrs. Darlene

Me and my honey~not a very good picture~
but this was taken late evening after
getting ready at 6:00 a.m.

Courtney, Emily, and Toni

The hosting pastor~Bro Ronnie Jones
We enjoyed the youth meeting very much.
I am so glad that we were able to attend.
During the invitation of the last
service, there were, I think, atleast
six professions of faith. What a blessing
to see folks flooding the altars, seeking
forgiveness of sin and new life in Christ.
I wouldn't have wanted to have missed it.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Youth Meeting

Just time for a short post. Our youth group leaves
this morning for a two-day youth meeting in
McDonald, TN. Everyone is really looking forward
to it. As for myself, I am praying for a time of
spiritual refreshing for everyone ( and especially
our young people) I hope we have a great time
of fellowship, fun, and most of all, a time of renewed
determination to love God with all our hearts.
I will post some pictures when we get home.
Pray for us, please!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Has It Really Been 25 Years?

Twenty-five years ago today, two very young people decided
to unite their lives to become one flesh. These two young
people were probably very immature and idealistic and had no idea
really what the years would hold, but they did love the Lord
and wanted to have a home that reflected that. Today,
twenty-five years later, I realize just how little we did
know about life. BUT, the Lord has been good, and has
saw us through much more than any single blog post
could hold. During those years, we have faced a lot of
things. My honey was called to preach, he pastored
a couple of churches for a brief time, we made some
dear friends, he preached evangelistically in several
churches, he became a youth director at a church the
Lord moved us to, we learned to TRULY love young
people and realize how much the devil is out the trap
them, we left our home church to pastor a new church
after almost ten years, we learned to call this new
church "home", and learned to TRULY love this new
congregation in the same way we had loved our other
church, we have watched the Lord add to us in number,
sending us many new friends. We also faced infertility
in a very REAL way, not for a few weeks or months,
but for FOURTEEN years. We were told OVER and OVER
that we would never have biological children. After
fourteen years, the Lord miraculously blessed us
with a beautiful baby girl. We have loved the years
that she has been in our home. Twenty-five years!!!
So much has happened. We have had joys, tears, trials,
blessings, valleys, mountains, good times, bad times,
lean years, and less than lean years, times when it
was easy to walk by faith, times when it was
truly necessary to just believe, because we couldn't
see what the answer would be. Our lives have
gone through many changes, moves, and new beginnings.
But, ONE thing, that has never changed in all those years,
is the LOVE that we have for one another and the love of
the Lord. (that sounds like two things, but in reality,
they are synomous, we couldn't love each other without
the love of the Lord) We have faced some hard things,
but our love has only grown stronger. I am sooo thankful
for this good man the Lord blessed me with. I admit,
that as a young girl, I didn't realize the importance of
praying for the right mate. I am ever so grateful that
the Lord blessed me, despite myself. Bret has been a
wonderful husband. He has loved me, taught me, and
been patient with me. He has been the kind of husband
the Bible teaches to be, he has been the head of our home,
spiritually, first and foremost, and also physically. He
has always been a good provider. He has worked hard
and sacrificed, so that we could have the things we need
and MANY things that we want. He is a GOOD man,
a GODLY man, who loves the Lord with all his heart.
I am a blessed woman, indeed, to be a companion and
helpmeet to him. Emily has been blessed to have
him for a daddy. Truly, our home has been blessed.

Bret and I on our wedding day
July 14, 1984

We had a double wedding
Bret and I with my sister Holly and her husband, Steve

Our family

The wedding party

Thursday, July 9, 2009

More of God's Blessings

Just thought that I would post a few more of God's
blessings. Today, I harvested these squash and
cucumbers from our little garden. It is not a
huge plot, just a little spot. Our tomatoes
haven't done very well, beans are looking
good, have some cabbages and onions
ready. I guess I'll be making pickles
and squash relish this evening. Yummy!
My daughter, Emily, can't stand the
smell of pickles, she usually locks herself
in her room while I am doing it.
You might wanna say a little prayer
for her... :)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

What Have I Been Doing?

Whoa! Two posts in one day! Don't faint, please!
I just wanted to share what I've been busy doing.
CANNING! Some very, generous folks from
our church allowed us to go and pick some beans
(three five-gallonbuckets to be exact). They also loaned me their
pressure canner, since I haven't purchased one
of my own yet. I am soooo excited. Today, after
finishing up, the total was 27 quarts, and two pints.
We have planted a small garden of our own with
a couple of rows of beans. If they do well, we should
have several cans of beans put up for the winter.
Last year was the first time that I had tried to
do any canning. And guess what! I LOVE it! Who
knew??? Anyway, here's a pic or two!

In the first picture, I show this handy
little set I picked up yesterday. While
canning last year, I used a large
spoon to lift the hot jars out of
the canner, thus burning my fingers
a few times. This little set is great.
It comes with a jar funnel, bubble
remover & headspace tool, magnetic
lid lifter, and the jar lifter. I don't know
how I ever managed without these
nifty little items. Very economical.
Picked mine up at Walmart for
around $7.00

Annual FBC July 4th Picnic

We had our annual FBC July 4th picnic on Sunday.
Bro and Sis Leamon allowed us to go out to the
Catfish Farm. We appreciate them allowing us
to have it out there. They have a great facility
and it is always so much fun out there. The guys
can play horseshoes, the kids get to play volleyball,
and many of the ladies can go for a peaceful walk
around the catfish farm after eating so much
yummy food. Above all else, we like to take
this time to contemplate the blessing of living
in a great country. She has problems, to be sure,
but she is still the greatest country on earth.
Here are some pictures of our church family
enjoying some wonderful fellowship.
It had been raining much of the day. After awhile,
sun came out and we saw this lovely rainbow.
Just a little reminder of how God always keeps
His promises, and we can trust Him to
love and care for His children.

Sis Barbara and a couple of other ladies made
yummy homemade ice cream.

Bro and Sis Leamon, who so graciously
allowed us to use their facility.
They work very hard to get it
all ready, and we want them to
know they are such a blessing to us.

Some hardworking ladies, getting a much
deserved break