Saturday, June 6, 2009

VBS 2009

We had our 2009 VBS June 1-5. It was a great week.

We had a pretty good number in attendance (especially

considering that there were atleast four other churches

in our area with VBS the same week) It always seems

to work out that way, no matter when we have it, there

are always some other churches who have it the same

week. ( One of results of living in the BIBLE BELT, and

having soooo many baptist churches in one county)

Anyway, we had around 45 children present. It was

a GREAT week. This is a time, when we really blanket

the community, trying to reach as many children as

possible. My husband had to be out of town after the

first night. He went out to Colorado to help a missionary

family get moved. They are moving there to start a

church plant in the Denver-Aurora area. Despite being

lonely for my honey, we had a good time. I hope you

enjoy the pictures. It has literally taken days to get

them all on. (There are some big spaces between

some of the pictures~please keep scrolling down so

you don't miss them~don't know why it does that)

Miss Ima Freisen shows up looking for an extreme


Miss Ima Friesen explaining to me why she has come to

visit us

Bro Ryan leading the group in some VBS songs

Some young ladies in the 12 & up class

Bro Jonathan~teacher of the 12 & up class

Ms Becky~Bro Jonathan's helper and "Better half" :)

Mrs. Darlene Edwards group of 4's & 5's

Some girls in the 9, 10, and 11 class

9,10,11 class

9,10,11 class teachers

Bro Randal Landrum and his helper~Miss Carrie Nelson

Alyssa & Skylar helped in Crafts

Mrs Tonia Mehlhorn and Mrs Michelle Adkission
Teachers of the 7,8,9 class

7,8,9 Class

Emily and a new friend she has recently gotten acquainted
with~a missionaries daughter~Brittney

Mrs. Robin Sparkman with her 2's and 3's

Don't you just LOVE Mrs. Robin's igloo?

Two of our young ladies, Carrie and Kelly, who were
class helpers

Bro Leamon helped in crafts too, I LOVE the apron!

Ima Freizen shows up again, with all her luggage prepared
for an extreme adventure. She learns that it is better to
obey than to do things your own way.

Mrs. Tammy~our lady in charge of crafts
She has done this for many years, and she does a
fantastic job. It takes much time and preparation.
We are thankful for her, as she makes it a very
special time for the children.

Daniel works on his craft. He's really concentrating, isn't he?

These girls are helping, not just looking pretty, REALLY!!

Some activities are really fun when done OUTSIDE

Mrs. Amy (right) was our VBS coordinator this year. My
husband usually does this, but Mrs. Amy volunteered to
do it this year. The timing was perfect, since my husband
ended up being gone most of the week, and she did a
FANTASTIC job of keeping everything running smoothly.
The problem with doing such a good job on things like this
is that we now know she CAN do it! :) She may have a
permanent position!! :)

Snack time is always one of our favorite times.

Here Ima Friezen has a Metal spoon stuck her to lips

Mrs. Amy counting the offerings. Each night a collection
was taken in the classes. We had a contest, boys against
girls. The collection was for a mission project.

We had snow cones for a snack one night. They were
so yummy, I ate THREE!!!

REALLY, they were helping!! They are sooooo
photogenic, one has to take their picture!

Ima Friezen covered in her "unmeltable snowballs"
which, of course, is only cottonballs. Will she ever

Emily receives an award for inviting the most children
to VBS, she invited eleven! Sydney, another of our
children got second place, with eight invited. She isn't
pictured because she was unable to be there the last

Mrs. Robin and her helper Mrs. Peggy and their
students doing a presentation and getting an award.

Mrs. Edward's helper was Miss Courtney Collins. She
is helping here with the class presentation.

Mrs. Tonia with her 6,7,8 year olds doing their presentation.

The 9,10,11 year olds Class presentation

Mrs. Becky, with the 12 & up presentation

Here I am, announcing the winner of the collection
contest.....SURPRISE! The girls win! Actually, the girls
were ahead all week, but the last night, they really kicked
in! The winners were given a gift certificate for a free
hot fudge cake or banana split at a local restaurant.

Here are some of our girls awaiting their award

These girls are all visitors about to receive their gift

Bro Jonathan, our new youth director, gave a devotion.

Now comes the fun part, EATING!! We always have
a little time of fellowship the last night so we can meet
the parents and spend a few minutes getting to know

Mrs. Edwards and her daughter, Mrs. Christy Capps


Peggy said...

Wow, that took awhile! You did a good job!

Tammy said...

Looks like everyone had a good time. Thanks for sharing. Been missing you in Blogger world!

Joy said...

Looks like such a fun week! VBS is a lot of work, but it's so fun!

Btw, you should be able to delete the spaces. But my posts do things I don't want sometimes, too. :)