Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ladies Trip to Ohio

This past weekend, a few of our ladies were able to
attend a Ladies meeting in Ohio. We had a wonderful
time, beginning with great fellowship on the van,
at the meeting itself, and then the return trip. I would
like to express my thanks to Sis. Alicia Reagan for
inviting us for this event. It was such a blessing to get
to be with your ladies, and spend a some time with
them. We all enjoyed every part of the meeting, and
we are grateful for the work and effort put forth by
your ladies. It truly was special. I would also like to
thank a few ladies who accompanied us from the
Harriman Baptist Tabernacle, Sis Darlene's
daughter Christy, daughter-in-law, Helen, and her
very sweet granddaughters. We loved having you
along. You all were a blessing to us, especially the
beautiful singing. I'd also, like to mention that I sure
do appreciate Bro Jonathan for taking the extra time
to stay with the van, on our return trip. We had sooooo
much fun teasing him about needing to stop, AGAIN.
( He was there visiting his sister, he didn't attend the ladies
meeting!) Anyway, he was very sweet and very
patient with us. And, last, but definitely NOT least, I'd like
to thank our church, who helped us to be able to
go by paying the fees, putting new tires on the church
van, and paying for the gas. We were all so blessed
to go, and we want you to know how much we
appreciate it.

Our Ladies just before we left Friday morning
(Ms. Becky is not in the picture, she and her
husband Bro Jonathan left the day before to
visit his sister)

Loading up

Sis Darlene's granddaughters
Very Sweet and Godly Young Ladies

Ms. Becky and her mother, Ms. Susan

We were served a delicious meal consisting of the
baked chicken, baked potatoes, green beans, salad,
rolls, and a choice of dessert. Very yummy!

One of the skits performed by three of their ladies

A trio sang two lovely songs that were such a blessing

The Speaker~ Mrs. Stepanie Fowler~
She gave a great devotion on Mary
and Martha.
I failed to get a picture of Sis. Alicia. She and I recently
met, and she has been such a blessing to me. She has
faced some great adversity in the last few weeks, but
she has faced it with the help and grace of the Lord. Please
pray for this precious lady, as she still has some difficult
days ahead.


Alicia Reagan said...

Sis. Tammy,
I am SO happy that you all got to come to our meeting. I cannot tell you the personal encouragement it was for me to have my "Pastor's Wives Friends" around me. That was probably the sweetest thing that you could have done to encourage my heart. Thank you for coming and being a blessing to me and please thank your ladies and your church for coming with you and supporting you on this trip. I only wish we could have had more time to fellowship. Won't Heaven be sweet when we can all sit and chat for eternity?!!
I love you and thank God for your influence in my life.

Peggy said...

It WAS fun and I'm glad we all got to go!

Tammy said...

Looks like a great time.