Friday, April 17, 2009

A Day at Dollywood

Sometimes our family gets season tickets to
Dollywood in Pigeon Forge, TN. We don't
usually take many vacations, so we do this
to be able to take Emily away for a day of
fun. It's within ninety minutes of home so
we can drive there and back in a day. It is
a very clean park, not nasty and gross like
some places we've been. Also, it is VERY
family-friendly. There are places in the park
that one can go to hear music if they want,
but it is NOT blaring all over the place,
(which is very important to us)
There are no alcholic beverages allowed.
Overall, it is a very nice place, one that
we don't have to feel apprensive about
taking our daughter to. Emily will have
her tenth birthday (double-digits) ,
HOW SAD!!!, ( she is growing up so
fast) and she was hoping that
we would have our season passes by
then so we could go as part of her bday
celebrations. Well, I saved for weeks but
we were able to do it. We invited a new
friend she has recently met. Another
young lady who is also ten, a missionary's
daughter who lives our area. She is a
very sweet girl. Emily and Brittney
have alot in common, and enjoy each
others company very much. I hope that
even though they won't see each other
often, they can atleast get together for some
play time and possibly build a new and
lasting friendship. Anyway, that's all for
now, I'll be posting tomorrow with more
on Emily's birthday.

On the trolley when we first got there
Notice how "dry" they look!

This was taken just before we left the park. They had
changed into a set of dry clothes, after being soaked
on a couple of water rides!

Here they are, cold and wet after being on three
water rides in a row!

Would you want a piece of this pie?

Pizza for lunch! Em's favorite!!!

She looks satisfied, doesn't she? ( I think by this time
she may have been getting "over" the camera) :)

How nice that Brittney also loves pizza!

Emily LOVES the Ferris Wheel. This was Brittney's
first time to ride one. I don't think she liked it much.
Can't say that I blame her! There's not a roller coaster
made that I can't ride, but I HATE the Ferris Wheel.!

Getting ready to ride the Shooting Star!
This one is lots of fun!

Snacking on delicious home-made ice cream!

Posing in one of the cars! The girls actually didn't ride
this one, didn't want to stand in line, as this is a very
popular ride, and usually has long lines.

Posing by the Imagination Train
So, this pretty much describes our day. The girls
had loads of fun. I am thankful to the Lord for
allowing us to be able to save the money for the
season passes, and for allowing Emily's friend,
Brittney, to accompany us. This made the day
very special for Emily. Being an only child can
be lonely sometimes, so when we get an
opportunity to encourage a "God-honoring"
friendship, we do our best to do that.


Tammy said...

It looks like she had a great time.

Peggy said...

Loads of FUN! I'm glad ya'll got to go and that it was such a pretty day!