Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Been Going On Here

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted.
While in the middle of revival, it was hard to get
the time to post. Revival, in the sense of scheduled
meetings, ended on Sunday night. After Friday,
my husband asked the preachers to come back
on Sunday and preach for us again. We truly had
a wonderful meeting. There were sooo many
people who have said over and over again that
they had received much help over the course of
the two week revival. After two weeks, it sure
was sad to see it end. But, of course, it doesn't have
to end; not if we, as a congregation, keep the
spirit of revival in our hearts. We must remember
to keep those things that the Spirit of the Lord
showed us fresh in our hearts. Being careful to
keep the fire burning, and not burn down to a
few embers barely warm.

There is still much that can be accomplished
for the Lord, if we are willing to let God be
in first place in our hearts, as my husband
has been preaching about for the last few

Now, for a quick family update. I had decided
to give Emily Monday off from homeschool.
What with revival, and trying to keep up
with everything else, everyone in our family
was worn out. So, she slept in, and we had
a pretty "laid back" day. Then, on Tuesday,
I woke Emily to get her ready for an early
start since we have piano lessons on Tuesday.
While eating breakfast, she told me she didn't
feel well. (which became very apparent in the
next couple of minutes~she lost all her breakfast)
I thought then she might have a stomach virus
but she was also running a low-grade fever.
Wednesday, her fever was higher (as high as
103 ) but it responded to ibuprohen. As long
as she was medicated, her fever would come
down, but as soon as the medicine ran out, she
would start to feel worse. She was also very
congested, and had a very sore throat.
We, obviously, didn't get her out to church
last night, and when my husband came home,
he told us that a boy in her S.S. class had
strep. So, we were thinking since he was
at church on Sunday morning, maybe that
was what she had. If it did turn out to be
strep, she would need an antibiotic. This
morning, I called our family doctor, and
they were able to work her in. As it turns
out, her strep test was negative. Instead,
she has mono. I was so surprised! Recently,
I was talking about well she has been since
we began homeschooling ( healthwise, she
has never been better ) And to hear that
she has gotten mono--go figure. He said
that she would run a fever off and on for
a few weeks, have extreme fatigue, and
just feel generally lousy. After a couple of
weeks, she should be over the worst of it,
but will still feel the need to rest more
than usual. Please pray for our girl. She
hasn't eaten anything to speak of except
popsicles for three days. The doctor said
this is normal, just keep her hydrated as
best as possible, and let her eat as she
can. Bless her heart, she did very well
at the doctor as they poked, prodded, and
stuck needles in her to get blood samples.
We will have to miss a few church services,
as she can't get out as long as there is any
fever. He did say, that she seems to be in
excellent health, and he believes that her
immune system will be able to fight off
the sickness fairly quickly.

This is really all there is to update at this
time. I was hoping to get some extra house
work done this week (since I've been on
spring break for RSCC ) but with a sick
girl, I haven't got much done.


Holly R said...

Oh dear, I hate to hear that Em has that virus. I know that there have been several children in this area with the mono.It really makes them pretty sick for several weeks. Please tell Em that we are praying for and we love her. Hugs and Kisses! Uncle Steve, Aunt Holly and Daniel.

Susan said...

I'm so glad to hear your good report of continuing revival! Sorry to hear that your daughter is so sick though. After I was married, my next younger sister got mono and it did take her a while to get over it. She's fine now, of course - mama of 7!!! LOL Praying your daughter is well soon!

Tammy said...

Poor Emily! I'll be praying for her. All the tests are not fun either. Glad to hear about the revival. We have one coming up in May for our second anniversary. Two week revivals are almost unheard of anymore. So happy it went well.

Charity said...

How wonderful that your revival went so well. Our church has meeting scheduled in a few weeks, but we have been praying for true revival to start before then!

I hope Emily is feeling better soon. Mono is no fun, I've heard. I've been blessed not to have it, but have known those that have (one girl on my floor in college!)

Robin said...

It's funny sis! You want my green thumb and I want your voice. You always could sing...Tell Em that Meg cut her hair too so now they will be twins. Love you