Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A True Hope

There hasn't been much to post about. We've
finally turned the corner on the sickness. Emily
is doing MUCH better, eating normally, one would
hardly know that she had been so sick. I am so
thankful. It's been so hard to see her so sick and
not eating. My honey and I are both doing much
better now too. We (Emily and I ) were able to be
in the Lord's house on Sunday morning too, for
which we were so thankful. I don't know how people
make who drop in only once in a few services. I felt
like I'd was just "starving" to be with God's people
and needing to "fed" with the Word. So, for being
able to attend our church, I am especially thankful.

We had a family in our church this past week
to have a dear loved one pass away unexpectedly.
It was a very difficult and trying week for the family.
There were some other circumstances going on
that had to be dealt with as well. I have been
raised in church, and I have seen the mercies
and grace of the Lord manifested many times.
But, the grace and strength that I have witnessed
this family receive this week has just amazed
me. I KNOW, we serve and AMAZING GOD,
and why should we be amazed when He blesses
his children the way that only He can? I don't
know. All I know, is that I saw a family who
had been hurting, stressed beyond words,
grieving ( for the missing one), rejoicing ( for the
new life added to the family) and grateful (for
the good report and strength for the sister
who needed to be able to attend her mother's
funeral). I was so encouraged and thankful
for how the Lord blessed this family to get
through what is perhaps, the most difficult
trial of their lives. Each one had a testimony
of how they knew that their strength came
from the Lord, and how His grace carried
them through. Most of all, I am thankful
that this dear woman knew the Lord and
left a testimony for her family, so that
they were confident that they would see
her again. For we know, that to absent
from the body, is to be present with the
Lord. We, as believers, do NOT have to
grieve as those having NO HOPE, because
we know, THIS IS NOT THE END. We will
be reunited with them again. Soon,
we shall meet them in the air, and go
together to meet the Lord.

So, I am thankful to have, once again,
witnessed the power and the love of God
extended to His children.

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Susan said...

Praise the Lord for His presence in the lives of your people!