Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Touch of Spring

It's been another week since I have posted. We've had
soooo much sickness at our house. We rarely ever get
sick, so this has been an unusual time. First, Emily has
had mono. She has been very sick. Today is the first
day in over a week and a half that she awoke with a normal
temperature. Yesterday and today, she seems to be feeling
more like herself, she's actually been up playing in her room.
She is STILL not eating though (anything more substantial
than popsicles). I don't know where she is getting the energy
to be up without eating. The doctor has told us ( along with
the paperwork he gave us with mono info ) that this is
perfectly normal for mono, that as long as she is drinking
and staying hydrated, that this is fine. ( I admit, it is hard
for a mother to watch her child not eating) But hopefully,
with the fever going down, she will be able to eat soon.
OH, I HOPE SO!! My husband and I have also, both ,
been sick. With stomach viruses, colds, etc. I don't know
when (IF) we have all been so sick at the same time.
There were a couple of days there when I barely knew
we were in the world. ( I am exaggerating, of course,
but really, all we managed to do was take care of Emily,
and each other, and nothing else). Thankfully, other than
some dreadful coughing at night, he and I seem to be
doing much better. I feel like we've almost lost a whole
week of our lives. Emily and I have not been to church
in over a week and a half, and I miss it so much. I am
hoping that Emily will up to going on Sunday. If she still
has no temp, she won't be contagious, but I am hoping
that she will be eating by then.
Now for a cheerier topic. A dear friend called here on
Tuesday to check on us, and she said ,"Well, atleast
it's beautiful outside", and I had to admit that we hadn't
seen outside, that we had all been so sick, we didn't
even know what the weather was like. Yesterday, we
actually got to see the outside world. When I looked
out my front window yesterday, I was so excited to
see my daffodils blooming. (This may not seem like
a big deal to some~but I transplanted these daffodils
three years ago) You see, I wanted them to go all the
way across the front yard so I planted them
one bulb per hole. Now, I am going to give away
a secret about me.
do LOVE flowers, and so does Emily, so I
do attempt to have a flower garden, even
though they are puny and pitiful looking at
I didn't realize that they do better in bunches
than individually. On a side note, everyone in my
family, both of my parents, and both sisters,
AND CAN GROW ANYTHING. It would seem that
I am the only one left out. Anyway, forgive my digressing....
I was only explaining why it is such an exciting thing to
see my flowers blooming. For the last three years, the
little green blades would spring up, grow toward the
heavens, and I would threaten to give my husband
"much bodily harm" if he mowed them down before I
told him he could. ( Just kidding, but I did protect them)
All, to no avail. No blooms. UNTIL THIS YEAR!! There
they are, just blooming their little hearts out! They are just
so beautiful. They are still alittle skimpy, few in number,
but they are blooming nonetheless. And after all the
sickness, and being so cooped up in the house, it
made me feel soooo happy to look out and see my
blooming daffodils. I could hardly wait to get outside
this morning and take a picture. And, of course, my
Bradford Pears are blooming as well, which is always
a sign that Spring will soon be here. I LOVE Spring!
How it so reminds us that there is new life in Christ.
We have to say goodbye to some things in this life,
but only for a season, and just when it would seem
all hope is gone, new life springs forth. What a sweet
and blessed thought. Oh well, I have just rambled on
and on this morning. I guess, since I have been able
to post in so long, it just came bubbling forth. :)
Hopefully, it won't be so long between posts next time.


Peggy said...

Thanks for the sweet post. I find myself looking more forward to spring each year more than ever!
And SURELY missed you at church!

Tammy said...

So glad you are doing a little better. Hope recovery in full is soon. Love the pics.