Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A True Hope

There hasn't been much to post about. We've
finally turned the corner on the sickness. Emily
is doing MUCH better, eating normally, one would
hardly know that she had been so sick. I am so
thankful. It's been so hard to see her so sick and
not eating. My honey and I are both doing much
better now too. We (Emily and I ) were able to be
in the Lord's house on Sunday morning too, for
which we were so thankful. I don't know how people
make who drop in only once in a few services. I felt
like I'd was just "starving" to be with God's people
and needing to "fed" with the Word. So, for being
able to attend our church, I am especially thankful.

We had a family in our church this past week
to have a dear loved one pass away unexpectedly.
It was a very difficult and trying week for the family.
There were some other circumstances going on
that had to be dealt with as well. I have been
raised in church, and I have seen the mercies
and grace of the Lord manifested many times.
But, the grace and strength that I have witnessed
this family receive this week has just amazed
me. I KNOW, we serve and AMAZING GOD,
and why should we be amazed when He blesses
his children the way that only He can? I don't
know. All I know, is that I saw a family who
had been hurting, stressed beyond words,
grieving ( for the missing one), rejoicing ( for the
new life added to the family) and grateful (for
the good report and strength for the sister
who needed to be able to attend her mother's
funeral). I was so encouraged and thankful
for how the Lord blessed this family to get
through what is perhaps, the most difficult
trial of their lives. Each one had a testimony
of how they knew that their strength came
from the Lord, and how His grace carried
them through. Most of all, I am thankful
that this dear woman knew the Lord and
left a testimony for her family, so that
they were confident that they would see
her again. For we know, that to absent
from the body, is to be present with the
Lord. We, as believers, do NOT have to
grieve as those having NO HOPE, because
we know, THIS IS NOT THE END. We will
be reunited with them again. Soon,
we shall meet them in the air, and go
together to meet the Lord.

So, I am thankful to have, once again,
witnessed the power and the love of God
extended to His children.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

A Touch of Spring

It's been another week since I have posted. We've had
soooo much sickness at our house. We rarely ever get
sick, so this has been an unusual time. First, Emily has
had mono. She has been very sick. Today is the first
day in over a week and a half that she awoke with a normal
temperature. Yesterday and today, she seems to be feeling
more like herself, she's actually been up playing in her room.
She is STILL not eating though (anything more substantial
than popsicles). I don't know where she is getting the energy
to be up without eating. The doctor has told us ( along with
the paperwork he gave us with mono info ) that this is
perfectly normal for mono, that as long as she is drinking
and staying hydrated, that this is fine. ( I admit, it is hard
for a mother to watch her child not eating) But hopefully,
with the fever going down, she will be able to eat soon.
OH, I HOPE SO!! My husband and I have also, both ,
been sick. With stomach viruses, colds, etc. I don't know
when (IF) we have all been so sick at the same time.
There were a couple of days there when I barely knew
we were in the world. ( I am exaggerating, of course,
but really, all we managed to do was take care of Emily,
and each other, and nothing else). Thankfully, other than
some dreadful coughing at night, he and I seem to be
doing much better. I feel like we've almost lost a whole
week of our lives. Emily and I have not been to church
in over a week and a half, and I miss it so much. I am
hoping that Emily will up to going on Sunday. If she still
has no temp, she won't be contagious, but I am hoping
that she will be eating by then.
Now for a cheerier topic. A dear friend called here on
Tuesday to check on us, and she said ,"Well, atleast
it's beautiful outside", and I had to admit that we hadn't
seen outside, that we had all been so sick, we didn't
even know what the weather was like. Yesterday, we
actually got to see the outside world. When I looked
out my front window yesterday, I was so excited to
see my daffodils blooming. (This may not seem like
a big deal to some~but I transplanted these daffodils
three years ago) You see, I wanted them to go all the
way across the front yard so I planted them
one bulb per hole. Now, I am going to give away
a secret about me.
do LOVE flowers, and so does Emily, so I
do attempt to have a flower garden, even
though they are puny and pitiful looking at
I didn't realize that they do better in bunches
than individually. On a side note, everyone in my
family, both of my parents, and both sisters,
AND CAN GROW ANYTHING. It would seem that
I am the only one left out. Anyway, forgive my digressing....
I was only explaining why it is such an exciting thing to
see my flowers blooming. For the last three years, the
little green blades would spring up, grow toward the
heavens, and I would threaten to give my husband
"much bodily harm" if he mowed them down before I
told him he could. ( Just kidding, but I did protect them)
All, to no avail. No blooms. UNTIL THIS YEAR!! There
they are, just blooming their little hearts out! They are just
so beautiful. They are still alittle skimpy, few in number,
but they are blooming nonetheless. And after all the
sickness, and being so cooped up in the house, it
made me feel soooo happy to look out and see my
blooming daffodils. I could hardly wait to get outside
this morning and take a picture. And, of course, my
Bradford Pears are blooming as well, which is always
a sign that Spring will soon be here. I LOVE Spring!
How it so reminds us that there is new life in Christ.
We have to say goodbye to some things in this life,
but only for a season, and just when it would seem
all hope is gone, new life springs forth. What a sweet
and blessed thought. Oh well, I have just rambled on
and on this morning. I guess, since I have been able
to post in so long, it just came bubbling forth. :)
Hopefully, it won't be so long between posts next time.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Been Going On Here

I can't believe how long it's been since I've posted.
While in the middle of revival, it was hard to get
the time to post. Revival, in the sense of scheduled
meetings, ended on Sunday night. After Friday,
my husband asked the preachers to come back
on Sunday and preach for us again. We truly had
a wonderful meeting. There were sooo many
people who have said over and over again that
they had received much help over the course of
the two week revival. After two weeks, it sure
was sad to see it end. But, of course, it doesn't have
to end; not if we, as a congregation, keep the
spirit of revival in our hearts. We must remember
to keep those things that the Spirit of the Lord
showed us fresh in our hearts. Being careful to
keep the fire burning, and not burn down to a
few embers barely warm.

There is still much that can be accomplished
for the Lord, if we are willing to let God be
in first place in our hearts, as my husband
has been preaching about for the last few

Now, for a quick family update. I had decided
to give Emily Monday off from homeschool.
What with revival, and trying to keep up
with everything else, everyone in our family
was worn out. So, she slept in, and we had
a pretty "laid back" day. Then, on Tuesday,
I woke Emily to get her ready for an early
start since we have piano lessons on Tuesday.
While eating breakfast, she told me she didn't
feel well. (which became very apparent in the
next couple of minutes~she lost all her breakfast)
I thought then she might have a stomach virus
but she was also running a low-grade fever.
Wednesday, her fever was higher (as high as
103 ) but it responded to ibuprohen. As long
as she was medicated, her fever would come
down, but as soon as the medicine ran out, she
would start to feel worse. She was also very
congested, and had a very sore throat.
We, obviously, didn't get her out to church
last night, and when my husband came home,
he told us that a boy in her S.S. class had
strep. So, we were thinking since he was
at church on Sunday morning, maybe that
was what she had. If it did turn out to be
strep, she would need an antibiotic. This
morning, I called our family doctor, and
they were able to work her in. As it turns
out, her strep test was negative. Instead,
she has mono. I was so surprised! Recently,
I was talking about well she has been since
we began homeschooling ( healthwise, she
has never been better ) And to hear that
she has gotten mono--go figure. He said
that she would run a fever off and on for
a few weeks, have extreme fatigue, and
just feel generally lousy. After a couple of
weeks, she should be over the worst of it,
but will still feel the need to rest more
than usual. Please pray for our girl. She
hasn't eaten anything to speak of except
popsicles for three days. The doctor said
this is normal, just keep her hydrated as
best as possible, and let her eat as she
can. Bless her heart, she did very well
at the doctor as they poked, prodded, and
stuck needles in her to get blood samples.
We will have to miss a few church services,
as she can't get out as long as there is any
fever. He did say, that she seems to be in
excellent health, and he believes that her
immune system will be able to fight off
the sickness fairly quickly.

This is really all there is to update at this
time. I was hoping to get some extra house
work done this week (since I've been on
spring break for RSCC ) but with a sick
girl, I haven't got much done.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Revival Update

We have one more night of scheduled revival ( it
was extended again through Friday) Please
continue to pray for us. Surely, the Lord is
trying to do a work in our church, and in the
hearts of our people. Bro Billy Garrett preached
last night out of Psalm 51~the prayer David
prayed after he had sinned with Bathsheba.
"Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew
a right spirit within me." This is a prayer that
David prayed as a believer. As christians,
there are going to be times when we fail God,
when we fall short of doing what He has called
us to do. As long as we are living on the earth,
we will have a fallen nature, one that will sin
against God, and fail Him miserably at times.
But, Oh How THANKFUL I am, that the Lord
recorded this psalm for us. No matter how much
we fail Him, no matter what we have done, we
can pray this prayer along with David ( who
at the time of this prayer had not only committed
adultery with Bathsheba, but had ultimately
committed murder and covered it up ). What
a blessing to know, that our Lord loves us
and that He will cleanse our wicked hearts, and
renew a right Spirit within us . I love verse 12-
"Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation..."
How many times have I lost my joy, due to
my own coldness, dryness, failures, etc.
But the Lord is always gracious, and merciful.
He LOVES His children, and it touches His
heart when we come to Him with a broken
spirit. I have always loved this psalm, I
guess, because I know that I am always
going to make mistakes, and fail him, but
He is always going to forgive and love me
when I ask. What a blessing!

And on a lighter note~
I can't believe it! I FINALLY lost more than one
pound at one weigh-in. This morning, I had lost
two lbs. which means that I've actually lost
three lbs this week. Yay! My total at this point
is 13 lbs. Only twenty-one more to go! (that sounds
like a lot but since I haven't lost much in the last
few weeks, I am definitely excited) I couldn't wait
until Monday to post.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This is really going to be a very brief post. A small
update if you will. First, our youth revival has
been extended through Wednesday, atleast.
It seems the Lord is moving, some hearts are
being stirred, and we want to keep things going
while the water is moving. We've had some great
preaching, some truly wonderful truths have been
shared. It would seem that some decisions have
been made, one way or the other. I am excited
to see what the Lord has in store, but I admit,
there has been a sense of soberness, as well. A
movement of the Lord such as we've seen must
require some accountability of the hearers. I
pray with all my heart that the hearers are
obeying the Holy Spirit. My heart has been
touched, that I know for sure.

On a lighter note...I've finally lost one more lb.,
for a total of 11 lbs. This has been the strangest
diet. I have been sticking to it without deviation
and yet the weight is coming off ever so slowly.
( I still think it has to do with the metabolism
over 40 thing ). Atleast that's my theory.
Regardless of the reason, I am going to stick
with it. As soon as the weather gets alittle
warmer, I am going to start walking, but
right now it's just a teeny bit cold.

Anyway, please pray for our revival. It is,
of course, a youth revival. BUT, it has to
begin with some adults who love the Lord
with all their hearts, and that will then
spill over into our young people. After all,
how can I expect my daughter to love Him
and serve Him with all her being, if she hasn't
seen her Mom loving Him with all her being.
Our children know who we really are.
My prayer is that my daughter will know
that she has parents who put the Lord
first, and that want to obey and love God
more than anything else, therefore, she
will want to live her life the same.