Monday, February 16, 2009

Weigh In

Okay, I haven't posted any weight loss in a while.
It's not because I have given up my diet, I just
hit a plateau, and there hasn't really been
anything to post. I made it through a big church
dinner with tons of food, plus a Valentine banquet
without falling off the wagon, so to speak. For
whatever reason, I actually went almost ten days
without losing any weight. But, this morning,
I finally dropped another pound. This one is hard
earned, the scale has been hovering around it for
days. But I can now say, I have lost 10 lbs. Only
24 more to go...Yay!


Tori said...

Hey, you know what I say, Slow and Steady Wins the Race!
10 lbs. is a great loss and now that you're past the plateau maybe it'll start coming off faster.
Congrats on hanging tough at the banquet and church things!

Susan said...

Good for you!!!! I agree with Tori - now that the first 10 pounds is gone, maybe it will start coming off faster.

Tammy said...

Good job! Weight loss is always a battle and so is getting things firmed back up - which is my goal. Weight loss isn't my struggle but I am the smallest flabby person you will meet! My hubby struggles much with weight and I am always trying to help him.He is beginning again this week. I'm trying to get him to do something other than Atkins.

Alicia Reagan said...

Way to go!! I am going to try an instant weight loss program around August 4th!;)

Joy said...

Yea! Ten is great!! Keep it up. I can't wait until this baby is born, so I can jump back in there. I want to lose about 12 more (totally disregarding what this baby will add to me).