Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Updated Church Website

Finally! Our new, updated church website is up and
running, thanks to our self proclaimed "computer-geek",
Bro Jonathan Snow. Thank you so much, Bro Jonathan,
for all your hard work in getting it going. It looks
great! I am so excited about it. ( And just for the
record, Bro Jonathan LIKES to be known as a
computer-geek ~ He's funny like that) But he has
been a tremendous blessing to our church. We just
love his family. The Lord has truly blessed us this
year by sending this family (the entire family) to us.
What a blessing they have been!

If you have a moment, take a look at the new website.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Youth Revival

Well, it's hard to believe that it's already here. Tonight
marks the first night of our Youth Revival. We are having
two young preachers. Bro. Billy Garret out of the
Harriman Baptist Tabernacle, and Bro. Daniel Jordan
from Cunningham, Kentucky. Both of these young
men have preached for us on other occasions, and we
are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for
this week. Most of all, we pray that this meeting will be
a source of encouragement and strength for our youth
group. May they use this time to help them make wise
decisions, and new determinations in their hearts,
to give Him first place in their lives, ambitions, hopes,
and dreams. Please pray for us this week.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day Banquet

In honor of Youth Month at our church, we hosted
a Valentine Banquet for our teens. We just have a
few teens, and as it turns out, some of the guests
that were planning to be there got sick with viruses
and strep. We had few in number, but a great time
nonetheless. Our guest speaker was Bro, Tony Clower.
We have known this man for several years. He has
been a basketball coach, a teacher, a principal, and is
currently serving as an administrator in the public
education arena. He is a very dedicated christian, and
has a tremendous testimony. We were so honored
to have him and his wife, Kim, with us. Bro Tony and Mrs. Kim Clower
Bro Jonathan and Mrs. Becky Snow
(Bro Jonathan just recently began
leading the youth choir and he
and Mrs. Becky are now teaching
the teen Sunday School class. They
have already been such a blessing
to our church!)

Bro Tony and Sis Kim

Sister Barbara and Mrs Teresa
(this was the first time these
ladies sat down in hours~we
are so thankful for their hard
work and dedication, without
which NONE of this would
have been possible)

The girls insisted on getting a picture of us~since
I am always snapping pictures of them =)
Note the weird glasses on Emily~ her
daddy had used these in a skit
performed earlier in the evening

Skylar Adams and Joe Ellis
(Don't they look so cute?)

Some of our girls~two of them had invited
guests who were unable to attend because
of sickness

The Snows and the Sparkmans
(we can never say enough about
how much we appreciate the Sparkmans
for their contribution and

Bro Tony speaking

Aren't they lovely?

Seth and his guest, Pamela

Skylar and Joe

The tables were decorated
so beautifully!

Me and my Valentine!

(She was actually there to help
serve~but she had a great

Monday, February 16, 2009

Weigh In

Okay, I haven't posted any weight loss in a while.
It's not because I have given up my diet, I just
hit a plateau, and there hasn't really been
anything to post. I made it through a big church
dinner with tons of food, plus a Valentine banquet
without falling off the wagon, so to speak. For
whatever reason, I actually went almost ten days
without losing any weight. But, this morning,
I finally dropped another pound. This one is hard
earned, the scale has been hovering around it for
days. But I can now say, I have lost 10 lbs. Only
24 more to go...Yay!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day 1984

A few years have come and gone since this
picture was taken. One thing hasn't changed
in twenty-five years. My sweet husband is
still MY VALENTINE. We've been through alot
of things together, good and bad, but we've
always stuck together and loved each other
through it.

Happy Valentine's Day, honey!
I love you with all my heart!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Breaking Ground at FBC

In honor of Youth month at FBC, we had the
singing group Breaking Ground. This group
consists of four young preachers and one
very godly young lady. All of these
young men can preach the Word like you can
hardly believe. The oldest of the group is
only twenty-five. They are all filled with
the Spirit, live godly lives, and such a
joy to have. We love Sis Kelsey, Bro Jonathan's
wife also. She is an outstanding example of
a christian young lady, and I am glad to
have my daughter look up to her. It was
a GREAT day. At the bottom of the pictures,
there is a video of them singing. I hope
that is a blessing to you. Later in the
week, I will post some more videos of a
couple of our own young people playing

Friday, February 6, 2009

Finished Object Friday

This chest of drawers was mine when I was a baby.
It has been in my parents home for many years and
my mother gave it to me when I was expecting my
daughter. It has been painted many, many colors
over the years. It has been white ever since Emily
was born. This past week we have been working on
updating Emily's room. She wanted it lime green
and purple. So, I had an idea to paint the chest
purple with lime green. She LOVES it, thinks it
is VIBRANT! It's alittle too bright for my taste
but it is her room. We just finished her room
last night. Don't forget to go over to
for other finished projects.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

FBC Youth Month 2009

Today is the first Sunday of February, the
month that we at Fellowship Baptist Church
dedicate to our Youth. There will be lots
of different things done this month that
will hopefully encourage our young people to
become more dedicated and consecrated to the
LORD. To "Make Him Their Soul's Desire" which
is the theme of the month. We kicked it off
this morning with our Youth Sunday. The young
people took part in many facets of the service.
From playing instruments, leading congregational
and choir singing, teaching Sunday School classes,
singing solos,taking up the offering, and
finally with a wonderful message from the
Word of God by Bro Jonathan Snow. He is a
tremendous young preacher thatthe LORD has
recently sent to our church, and what a
blessing his family has been! One great
part of his message this morning, was that the
desires of our hearts will be met, IF we delight
in HIM. And of course, our desires will be
that we may delight only in Him!
I pray for our young people to open
their hearts to hear the Word, and allow the
LORD to truly work in their hearts this month.