Monday, January 19, 2009

Weigh In~Week Two =( you can guess by the sad face, week
two has not been a good weight loss week for
me. I didn't lose any pounds this week, possibly
even a gain of one. BUT, one thing I remember
about when I went to the meetings, is that you
can gain one or two and then in the next couple
of days lose them plus one or two more. So, I
am not TOO discouraged. A loss would be
better. I thought about not posting this time,
but since I am doing it for the accountability,
I went ahead. I realize that since I am now
"over 40", the weight loss may not come as
fast as it has in the past. Well, I just plan to
keep on trying. Eventually, I'll see the weight
come off, if I don't get discouraged and give up.


Peggy said...

Just remember that eating healthier is always a good thing.

Susan said...

Peggy is right - you're doing good stuff for your body, even when you don't see the weight coming off. I know that's hard to remember, though, because I have spent 2 years going to the gym and seeing nothing happen. But it is taking care of my body!