Monday, January 19, 2009

A "Snowy" Day in East Tennessee

Now this may not seem like much of a snow,
but we don't get much snow these days. Emily has
been waiting and waiting for a snowy day. As soon as
she got up this morning, she wanted to go out
and play in it. Since we don't usually get much, we
let her go out. She had so much fun, even though
there was hardly any snow. The first thing she did was make a "Snow Angel" on our deck
Peeping in the window at her Mom
who hadn't ventured out yet...brrr....
Making a snow ball

A Happy Girl Playing in the Snow

Doesn't she look happy?
(Actually, Mom drives her crazy with
saying "Smile for the camera")

Trying out the sled
(It didn't work too well-
just not enough snow)

Jumping on a "snowy" trampoline
She thought this was "extra-cool"

Daddy tries to help with the sledding
by giving Em a push!

Walking back up the hill is the
hard part!
(Our hill is not too big, luckily)

Emily tries to give Lucky a ride on the
sled, but he wasn't going for it!
What a fun day! I even gave her the day off for snow!
Now I know, technically, there is no need for
that if you homeschool, but hey, every kid
needs to have a day off for snow sometime.
(Atleast that is what I told myself this
morning, after we got such a late start)
It was a nice break for her, that is
for sure!

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