Sunday, January 11, 2009

Missions Day 2009

Today was Missions Day at our church. This is the day
when we consider our missions-giving for the coming year.
Our church loves missions, and gives from the heart, especially
considering that we are just a small church. We had a
wonderful day, with very moving messages in both services. Bro. Jeremy and Mrs. Rebekah Hall
Missionaries to Peru
This young couple are at 90% support
and are leaving for Peru next
month. I am so glad
that our church was able to take
them on for support. What a very
nice young couple with a heart
for the Lord. I know the Lord is
going to be able to use them greatly.

Bro. David and Mrs. Michelle Lewis
Missionaries to Romania
This family has become very
dear to our church. They have
been a tremendous blessing.
They have been living in our area while
on deputation and we are so
glad they come to our services
whenever they can. They are
at 72% in their support and
hope to be in Romania by
the end of the year.

These young ladies are very special to our
family. We had begun praying for a
special friend for Emily (as there
were no children her age at our
church) The Lord graciously
answered our prayers through
this missionary family. Our daughter
loves their daughters, Sarah and Hannah.
She will miss them when they leave for
Romania, but hopefully they have
built a lasting friendship that
will be continued "across the miles".


Susan said...

Looks like you had a great day! If your daughter is like mine, she'll keep in touch with her friends through letters and email. Beth made several good friends while we were on deputation.

Tori said...

Looks like a great time, I just love missionaries! *wink*

Tammy said...

How great you were able to increase the number of missionaries you support. I'm glad Emily has made new friends. It is important for the missionary kids too, I'm sure. They give up alot to go to the mission field and friends all around the world they can keep in touch with will help with that.