Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Meeting A New Friend

Yesterday, I had the privilege of meeting a new friend. Alicia and I
have been reading each others blogs for a few months and
have been looking forward to meeting in person. She has
family that lives in our area, so a visit to her family allowed
us to finally meet. She is pastor's wife to Sis. Peggy's daughter, Joy,
so they had already met a few times. The three of us met at Cracker
Barrell and had a very nice time. I just LOVED meeting her. She is
such a wonderful person. I feel blessed , indeed, to have met this
sweet lady. And of course, I already LOVE Sis Peggy. I am so thankful
that the Lord so graciously sent her family to our church this past

My daughter Emily and Alicia's daughter Briley.
They are both nine years old and have much
in common. We are going to allow them to
become pen pals. They seem to "hit it off"


Peggy said...

I just luuuuv fellowshipping with Christian ladies-family ones, church family and friends!

Alicia Reagan said...

What a wonderful time!! We will definitely have to do it again! I loved meeting you in person. You are exactly what I imagined you to be - sweet, friendly and beautiful!
I am so glad that the girls hit it off.
Here is our address for Emily:
207 N. West St.
West Union, OH 45693

Love you!!

Tori said...

Wow, that's pretty special! I guess blogging is useful after all, I'll have to tell my husband!