Monday, December 1, 2008

Thanksgiving with Church Family

Our church has an annual Thanksgiving fellowship dinner
on the Wednesday night before Thanksgiving.
We just have soup and sandwiches for a light meal since
we will all be eating so much in the next few days.
This is such a precious time for us. A time when
we can all just relax, and enjoy talking to one
another. The next few weeks at our church is packed
with activities, so it is especially nice to
have this night to enjoy before we all get so busy.
Here are just a few pictures of the fun.
( I am sorry, they uploaded in the wrong order ) Oops!
Ms. Teresa's grandson, Owen
What a cutie pie!
He was sure enjoying his cookie!

Bro Jonathan and Ms Becky
These two are so photogenic, they
always make nice pictures.

My sweet honey giving a Thanksgiving devotion

Waiting to eat!

Some ladies helping to get it all ready

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Joy said...

Being photogenic runs in our family. :) j/k