Friday, December 5, 2008

The Nutcracker

A friend and I took our girls on a field trip today to the Cumberland
County Playhouse in Crossville, TN to see "The Nutcracker". The
girls just loved it! They even got to meet a few cast members after
the show. This was a very fun outing.Emily and her friends, Hannah and Sarah

Emily with a young lady in the cast

Emily, Hannah, and Sarah meet a cast member

The girls meet Young Clara

The girls meet Princess Clara
(Emily said it was like standing next to a plate!)
=) =)

The girls meet the Nutcracker

The girls with a couple of mice
and a very pretty Snowflake


Peggy said...

How fun! Definitely a "girl thing". I know some boys who went a few years ago who made fun of guys in leotards.

Tammy said...

It was definitely a "girly" day. My husband said he was NOT interested in going to watch a ballet. We had alot of fun. Emily just loves the Nutcracker music, and the story of the Nutcracker so we thought it would be fun. The Lewis girls had a great time too!
See ya Sunday!

Tammy said...

How cool to get to meet the cast! Love how all the girls were in pink for the day! - Made it even more girly.

Tammy said...

It was very cool to meet the cast! There were several of them in the foyer after the show. Of course, our girls were sooo excited to get to meet them and have their pictures taken with them! The girls did look cute in their pink and black. They had planned for weeks what they were going to wear!
Another "girly" thing! ;)

Alicia Reagan said...

Oh, I would LOVE to take my girls to see the nutcracker. They would love it. I am glad that you all got to go.