Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Holidays

I truly LOVE the holidays. I enjoy the busyness, the lights, the music.
I love the baking, wrapping, and getting together with family. It truly
does seem like a "magical" time of year. However, it may not seem
that way for everyone. For some, the holidays can be a very
depressing, and sad time of year. From my own experience, I
remember some Christmases that were very painful and hard to
get through. Early on in our marriage, my husband and I were told
that we would NEVER be able to conceive a child. After spending
thousands of dollars, and going through an exhausting amount of
tests, it DID seem that we really would never have a child. We
looked into adoption; private, state, and agency run. We were
met with road blocks at every turn. We were believers when we
faced this, so we understood about some things being God's
will and NOT being God's will for us. But, this didn't change our
desires for a family. Our hearts LONGED desparately to hold
a baby in our arms, to love and nourish. I will not go into the whole
story here, but suffice it to say, that we were married FOURTEEN
years before the LORD miraculously gave us our beautiful little
girl, Emily. She is truly a miracle and we have tried our best to
raise her knowing that God gave her to us in a special way.
All the doctors had said, it would NEVER happen, so God
gave her to us in a way that only HE could get the glory. I don't
know if anyone will read this who is facing infertility, or loneliness
over some other situation during this holiday season. But,
I truly felt compelled this morning to share this. This wasn't
even what I intended to post about, it just kind of "flew" out
of my fingers. During this time of year, it is best to focus on
God's GREATEST Gift to us, the gift of HIS SON, that in
turn gives us the GIFT of HIS SALVATION if we accept it.
When our situation in this life seems bleak, or hard to bear,
focusing on the true meaning of Christmas keeps it all
in perspective. All of us do not face the same things. For
our family, we dealt with infertility for many years. Some are
facing family difficulties, sickness, loss of loved ones,
financial crises, the list can go on and on. But focusing on
OUR LORD and SAVIOR will help and strengthen
us to get through it, by putting the emphasis on Him instead
of our situation in life. I hope this will be a blessing to someone.


Peggy said...

Your words are a blessing, and I know all who read will be blessed. I also know how you treasure Emily and you will have blessings to come as you train her to serve our Lord.

Alicia Reagan said...

What a blessing and thank you for the needed reminder, my friend.

Susan said...

I have one friend right now who is expecting after being married for about 9 years, and another friend who has been married 25 years and still no baby. This friend did conceive just a few months ago, though, and they lost their baby. We are still praying for a miracle baby for them!

Joy said...

What you say is so true! We need to keep our eyes on the Lord. We are so thankful for our little one, too. I love the things being a mother teaches you - like how our Heavenly Father loves us so much, and longs to hold US in His arms. And how He wants the best for us. And how it makes Him sad when we do wrong.

I'm looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks!!

Tammy said...

How true of a post. We need to always keep our eyes on the Lord. There are many difficulties across our country right now but we can still have joy if we keep our focus where it needs to be.