Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I'm Still Here

No pictures, today. Just a note to say, "I'm still alive".
We had a wonderful Christmas! Christmas Day at our
house was wonderfully LAZY. We just lounged around
and played with Emily. Such a FUN day!!!! Then, on
Friday and Saturday, I wasn't feeling well, so I didn't
do much of anything. Sundays are always busy at our
house, and then on Monday, Emily and I went shopping.
To be honest, I am NOT much of a shopper. You know,
like going to the mall, and GIRLie shopping. I guess, I
have just never really had the money, so I never really
got into all that. Well, anyway, Emily has been wanting
to go the mall for a while, so yesterday, she and I went.
She LOVED it. She had some money she had been saving
and some that she got for Christmas, so, of course, it was
burning a hole in her pocket. She went in several of her
favorite stores, and then we had lunch in the food court.
After the mall, we went to one of MY favorite stores,
ROSS. I bought a couple of small things, then we headed

One thing that I did accomplish that I needed to was
shopping for our prophet's chamber at church. It was
recently updated (painted, new mattresses, some new
furniture, etc) so I needed to get new bedding. I was
able to get some very nice nice things on sale, so I was
very pleased. Maybe when I get it all together, I can
post some pictures of it. I love the prophet's chamber.
Our church has been able to be a blessing to many
preachers, missionaries, and evangelists with it. I am
so thankful that our church felt the need for this many
years ago. My prayer is that we will continue to be
able to bless others until our LORD returns.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fun Days of Christmas

I can't believe that I haven't posted since last Monday!
Emily had a ton of school work to finish up before we
took Christmas break. We were sooooo busy last week.
Then, of course, this week has been filled with all those
fun, busy, chaotic Christmasy things that we do. Last
minute shopping, baking, visiting with friends and family,
etc. I have finally, today, sat down at the computer. I am
going to post a few pictures, but many more later when I
really get a chance. (After the holidays). Here are a few.
Some from Christmas at my parents, some from our
Christmas program at church. I hope everyone has a
safe and happy Christmas holiday. Most of all,
The reason for the season, OUR WONDERFUL LORD
Merry Christmas!

Emily gets the Christmas Carol barbie from cousin Max

My niece Meghan, with her uncle Steve

Emily gets a Little Pet Shop "Get Well Center"
from Grandma and Pa

Another great gift from her grandparents,
The Diamond Castle carriage!
I wonder who would play a mean trick like putting
a gift card in a big, heavy, box?????
Surely, not me!!!

Skylar, Faith, and Brooklyn
Singing a beautiful arrangement of
"O Holy Night"

The Younger Ones singing

Sister Diane Howard
A Monolgue
"The Christmas Story
Given From the Prospective
of the Innkeeper's Wife"

Miss Brooklyn Sparkman

A Monologue

"The Christmas Story Given

From the Prospective

of a Shepherd Girl"

Brother Jonathan Snow

A Monologue

"The Christmas Story Given

From the Prospective

of a Wise Man"

Seth plays an annoying little

brother pestering his sisters!

A group of kids discussing what
to do on Christmas

In the play, a young man asks Jesus in his heart

after hearing the Christmas Story.

The Entire Cast of the Christmas Program

~This is not a Christmas picture~

Just a cute picture of Emily and

her kitten Jasmine taking a rest!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Emily Gets a New Look

For some time, Emily has been wanting to get her
hair cut so that she could donate it to Locks of Love. Today was
the big day. Hopefully, she will be able to manage this style
herself. I think I will miss her pretty long hair, but I do admit
that the new look is very cute. What do you think?

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Random Pics from our Secret Sis Banquet

Some of these pics are fuzzy, I think Emily had the camera
part of the time. I'm not sure what was up with the
camera. Faith telling someone something!!
Mrs. Amy Williams
A smiling Courtney!

Mrs. Leamon

Mrs. Teresa Francis

Faith and Lys

Silly, Giggly, Girls

Mrs. Robin and Ms. Susan

Mrs. Becky with her mother, Ms. Susan

Emily opening her present

Emily really wanted one of these!

Mrs. Tammy Adams

Mrs. Becky and Carrie

Mrs. Debbie, Mrs. Carol, and Mrs. Emma Lou

Mrs. Carol

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Secret Prayer Sister Banquet 2008

We had our annual Secret Prayer Sister banquet tonight.
We had it at a local restaurant so that none of our ladies
have to do anything to prepare for it. Everyone gets to relax
and enjoy the evening. After a few opening
words by me, Mrs. Darlene Edwards gave a nice devotion.
We ate our fill of salad and yummy pizza, and then we tried
to guess who we thought our prayer sister for the year was.
We did have a few ladies to guess right,
but for the most part, we were surprised. We are so
thankful for the new ladies added to our church this year.
We missed the ladies who could not make it due to
sicknesses and such. All in all, we had a great turn-out.
The Lord has blessed our church with a wonderful group of ladies. A few welcoming words by me
Sister Darlene Edwards giving her devotion

Sister Darlene and myself
This lady has been an encouragement
to me for many years. Thank
you Sister Darlene for your
love and devotion to our Savior!

Sister Robin Sparkman-
This precious woman does so much, more
than we could ever thank her for.
I hope you know how much this
pastor's wife appreciates you
and what you contribute to this
ministry. You are such a blessing!

A smiling group of young ladies!

Brooklyn got home just in time for
us to put her to work!
We are glad that she and her brother
Daniel made it home from PCC
for the holidays!

Eating and having fun!

Faith and Alyssa-Best Buddies!

Carrie and Brooke
~Great Friends together again
after being separated for months
by college

Sister Michelle and Sister Peggy

Sister Gina and Emily