Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Season of Thanks

My husband preached a wonderful message today about Thanksgiving.
in 1 Chronicles 16: 1-8. In the chapters leading up to chapter 16, David
decides to a right thing, but he does it in the wrong way. The ark of the
covenant had been in Kirjath-jearim during all the days of Saul. David
consults with captains, leaders, and all the brethren, but he fails to pray.
First of all, they carried the ark in a cart. Secondly, the ark was only to
be carriedby Levites and by hand. During the journey from Kirjath-jearim
to Judah, the oxen stumbled and Uzza put forth his hand to steady it.
When he touched the ark, the anger of the Lord was kindled and God
smote him. This would never have happened if David had done things
God’s way. David made a bad mistake that cost a man his life.
How many times have we attempted to do something, even good things,
but failed to pray and seek God, or have tried to do it through the arm
of the flesh instead of doing it God’s way?
When we read chapter 15, David is now doing a right thing, in the
right way. He now prays to God for direction. He realizes his mistake
in not obeying the laws concerning the ark of the covenant. This time,
God blesses their efforts, and the ark is brought in with joy and
thanksgiving. I enjoyed todays messages so much. They have
helped to get my mind and heart focused on what this holiday
is truly about. I love getting to spend time with my family ( I don’t get
to spend near as much as I’d like to), I love the wonderful meal
at my parents home, but OH, HOW THANKFUL I am for my merciful
and gracious God.

Some Things that I am Thankful For

1) I am thankful that I know I am saved
2) I am thankful for a wonderful husband who loves God with all his heart
3) I am thankful for a beautiful daughter that God miraculously gave us nine years ago
4) I am thankful for a christian home, a home where God is the CENTER of our lives
5) I am thankful to be raised in a christian home, with parents who raised me to know Jesus
6) I am thankful for the wonderful church the Lord has given us to minister in and be a part of
7) I am thankful for the new families that the Lord sent to us this year in our church
8) I am thankful for a wonderful group of ladies in our church who are always so willing to be a blessing to others
9) I am thankful for the privilege to homeschool our daughter
10) I am thankful for the vehicles that the Lord blessed our family with this year
11) I am thankful for the opportunity to tell others about Christ
12) I am thankful that our family has been blessed with good health
13) I am thankful for the home that the Lord has blessed us with
14) I am thankful for the Lord meeting all our needs and MANY of our wants
15) I am thankful for the wonderful pastor and his family that the Lord allowed to learn from and sit under for almost ten years
16) I am thankful for the many christian friends that God has blessed us with
17) I am thankful that even though I don’t always know why God is doing something in my life., I know I can trust Him and it is for my good
18) I am thankful thankful to be born in America, where I was able to hear the gospel and be saved
19) I am thankful that even though times in America may become hard, that we know that the Lord will take care of us
20) I am thankful that this world is NOT my home, I’m only passing through, waiting for the Lord to call His children to place He’s prepared for us


Peggy said...

What a blessing and inspiration you all are to us! We love and appreciate you so much!

Holly R said...

What a beautiful reminder! Thanks for the words and inspiration to be so thankful for my Lord Jesus and his grace and mercy in my life! This is truly a season of Thanks! Your Sis Holly

Alicia Reagan said...

What a beautiful post!! Thanksgiving is always a wonderful reminder of God's multiple blessings in our lives!