Monday, November 10, 2008

Revival at FBC

We are having REVIVAL this week at FBC. Bro. Andy Wells
from Monroe, NC will be doing the preaching. He preached
for us this time last year, and we had a tremendous meeting.
We are so excited to have the Lord refresh our spirits and
do a work in hearts. Also, Bro Edward Feghaly (missionary
to the middle east) will be with us on Wednesday evening.
Our church has supported him for years, but this will be the
first time that my husband I have met him. We look forward
to meeting him very much. He and Bro. Wells will BOTH
be preaching in the Wednesday night service. We are praying
for the Lord to have HIS way in the services.


Susan said...

Hi! I just stopped by your blog from a comment you made on Courtney's blog. I'm a fellow independent Baptist pastor's wife in Vancouver, Canada. My husband and I have been here 4 years. I'm excited to find yet another pastor's wife of my "stripe" of Baptist! ;) And near my age, too. I'll be visiting your blog again.

I looked at your church web site too, and found that you support my in-laws, Wes and Evelyn Hutchens.

Also, where is Wartburg? My dad pastored a church in Bean Station back in the late '70s, which is 50 miles east of Knoxville. Please feel free to email me at if you'd like to chat.

Nicole said...

Hi Tammy! Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving me a message. I do hope your revival meetings go well!

I will say that this fellow is someone who is worth the wait if it be the Lord's will for us to be together. The guys at my church do not even hold near to the same standards I do and I know that settling and lowering my standards will only be a miserable thing.

You didn't "mother" me, but offered some wonderful, loving advice. Thank you!

Joy said...

I hope it all goes well! Special meetings are such an exciting time for a church!

Alicia Reagan said...

I pray your meeting will continue to go wonderfully! I am sure that you enjoyed Bro. Feghaly also. He is a blessing.
I can't wait to meet you some day!:)