Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Heartfelt Thank You

No pictures this time…I just wanted to take
a moment to say "Thank You" to our wonderful
church. Sunday night they had a "Pastor
Appreciation Dinner" for our family. I just do not
have the words to express how much we love and
appreciate our church family. You are so good to
us. Thank you so much for the lovely cards, the
gifts, and for the many kind words expressed during
the dinner. We LOVE all of you, and are so grateful
to the Lord that He has allowed us to be a part of such
a wonderful congregation. May God Richly Bless
ALL of you. Thanks again!


Kristi said...

Hi Tammy, thank you for your comment at Thimble Thoughts. I enjoyed looking at your blog. The fall pics of your daughter are really sweet and I left a comment on her bunny photos. LOL


Tammy said...

Hi Kristi
Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I recently found your blog and I enjoy reading it. It is always nice to find blogs that uplift and encourage one in the things of the Lord. God Bless!

Alicia Reagan said...

Dear Sis. Tammy,
I can understand why your church loves you so. You are a very sweet and thoughtful "friend" and I haven't ever even met you yet! Sis. Peggy got to come by my house today to visit me and I so enjoyed seeing her. We talked about you and how precious you are. She loves you so much and I am thankful God sent them to your church. I know that they are a blessing to your family and I know that you and your husband are a blessing to them!
Thank you for my "welcome home". We got home late Tuesday evening. We missed our people so bad and are glad to be home!

Tammy said...

Thank you so much for your comment. I am so glad your family arrived home safely. I am sure your church family is glad too. I will continue to pray for you.