Monday, October 13, 2008

FBC Old Timers' Day/Heritage Day

Sunday, October 12th, 2008 Old Timers'/Heritage Day-
A Day to Commerate the Godly Heritage that we have as believers in this great nation.
This is the first time our church has done anything quite like this (atleast since my husband has been pastor). It was a tremendous day! We had several visitors for which we are thankful.
Many of our folks were dressed in old timers' clothes, we had a wonderful service at church, then we went on over to the fish farm for some good ol' fashion eatin',singin',and more preachin'. We had a special preacher for the morning service, Bro. Calvin Queen. He preached a very good message entitled "Old Time Religion is Good Enough for Me". He took his message from the passage Jeremiah 6:16. Why do we believe in "old time religion" in 2008? We believe in 1) the Bible (KJV) 2) the Blood 3) the Blessings of God 4) the Birth of God. Some things that we need in our day are 1) Old Time Pardon 2) Old Time People 3) Old Time Preaching 4) Old Time Praising God. This was a great message reminding us that even though we live in new days, the OLD WAYS still work!

When we arrived at the fish farm, we ate an old time meal (much like the old time homecomings many of us remember). We had a background set up so families could have pictures taken. This was a lot of fun. Then we had another service (this one outdoors--making it easy to appreciate God's goodness in HIS beautiful creation). Bro. Ryan led us in some hymns from the old church hymnal, and Pastor Pallotta (my sweet honey) preached a wonderful message reminding us of our goodly heritage in America. What a wonderful LORD'S Day!

Our special thanks go out to Bro and Sis Leamon for all their hard work in getting the fish farm ready, and for allowing us to fellowship out there. You all are truly a blessing to us at FBC. May
God richly bless all your efforts.

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